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German Medical Cannabis Imports Swell 37% In 2020

by Staff

A German cannabis industry association recently reported that medical cannabis imports for the European nation will reach a record high in 2020. The total amount of cannabis imported for the year is now expected to be 28,455kg, a 37 percent increase over 2019.

Domestic cannabis production in Germany is not faring as well, however, due to challenges related to COVID-19. The German government specified to the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) that there would be 650kg of domestic medical cannabis cultivation in 2020, but delays in production and delivery could stifle that number.

The significant increase in imports is partially being attributed to “increasing knowledge of doctors in therapeutic use and increased demand on the part of patients, which could be explained by the changing public perception of the possible uses of cannabis as a therapeutic agent,” said Dr. Armin Prasch, Vice President and Head of Medical Cannabis of the Cannabis Industry Association.

Until recently, Canada, the Netherlands, and Austria were the only countries exporting medical cannabis to Germany, but due to additional applications from German importers, a large group of newcomers have joined. These countries include Switzerland, Israel, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, and Uruguay.
Germany is the second-largest importer of medical cannabis in the world behind Israel, which surpassed Germany’s demand earlier this year.

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