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How to Make Cannabis Coconut Oil

Edibles are becoming more and more popular as the legal market continues to expand, and while it’s always exciting to try your favorite brands’ latest innovations, it’s even more exciting to know how to make your own edibles at home, starting with some delicious cannabis-infused coconut oil.

If you’re an avid smoker, you are well aware the toll this cannabis ingestion process can take on you. Although smoking cannabis is nowhere near as harmful as smoking cigarettes or other forms of tobacco, it can definitely still irritate your lungs.

Benefits of Edibles vs. Smoking 

Ingesting edibles is a great way to enjoy the benefits of the plant without having to deal with any of the negative side effects that may accompany smoking. Here are a few reasons we recommend giving edibles a shot and to see how they vibe with you, and why we recommend coconut oil in particular:

  • Ingesting edibles is not as harsh on your lungs as smoking. Inhaling cannabis comes with a certain amount of risk, and if you’re someone with sensitive lungs, asthma, or any other similar issues, this can be a big problem for you. Ingesting edibles obviously doesn’t involve this possibly risky process, which is a lot safer for anyone dabbling.
  • The effects of edibles tend to last longer than the effects of smoking do. While you typically feel the effects of cannabis within seconds of inhaling, the effects will be much more delayed when consuming edibles. However, don’t let this delay fool you–edibles also tend to hit a lot harder than smoking does, and the effects last much longer. 

This is because of the way cannabis is processed when we eat it. Rather than making its way to the brain, the cannabinoids will pass through your digestive tract, metabolizing in the liver and converting the plant’s THC to 11-hydroxy-THC, which is much more potent and long-lasting. 

  • Both cannabis and coconut oil may contain antimicrobial effects. Studies on several cannabinoids have revealed that cannabis seems to have antimicrobial properties, protecting the body against various bacteria. Additionally, coconut oil appears to have similar properties, so combining the two may be particularly beneficial to your health. 
  • Both cannabis and coconut oil may help reduce seizures. It’s almost as if cannabis and coconut oil were meant to be together. If you’ve been dabbling with cannabis for a while, chances are you’re familiar with the powerful effects the plant, specifically CBD, seems to have for those who suffer from seizures or epilepsy. 

Interestingly, it seems coconut oil has a similar effect for those in need. As a whole, a ketogenic diet (low-carb, high-fat) tends to help those with epilepsy, and coconut oil would be a major staple. 

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil

The first step to making your own edibles always begins with an infusable base, the most popular being cannabutter. However, we prefer using coconut oil: it’s simple to infuse, incredibly flavorful, and can be used in a variety of ways, from edible to topical.

There are a few different ways to infuse your oil, and we’ve outlined the three most popular you might utilize, depending on your preference, kitchen, and resources. You can always adjust the amount of flower you want to use, depending on how strong you want your edibles to be and what your tolerance level is, so keep that in mind.



  • ½ ounce (14 grams) of ground cannabis flower
  • 1 cup of coconut oil
  • Cheesecloth
  • Mason jar (to store your oil)


  • First, you’re going to decarboxylate your cannabis–a.k.a., activate the THC–otherwise, your edibles will do nothing but taste slightly like weed. Grind up your flower and preheat your oven to 215 degrees Farenheit. Place your flower in a baking dish with aluminum foil tightly covering. Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes.
  • Once your cannabis is activated, you can start the infusion process. Place the activated flower and coconut oil in a saucepan over low heat on the stove. 
  • Once the coconut oil has melted, let everything simmer for about an hour, stirring occasionally to distribute the cannabinoids. 
  • Allow the mixture to cool for a while until you can handle easily. Then, place your cheesecloth over your mason jar and carefully pour, allowing the flower to strain out. Once everything is squeezed out of the cheesecloth and into your mason jar, tada! You’re done, and ready to infuse anything you want.


This method is identical to the stovetop. However, instead of mixing the cannabis and coconut oil in a saucepan, you’ll pour the coconut oil into the baking dish with your decarbolyxated cannabis after the initial baking process.


  • Stir the coconut oil (melted) into your decarbolyxated flower, making sure everything is evenly coated. Replace the tight aluminum foil and return to the oven at 215 degrees Farenheit. Allow to bake for about an hour and a half, stirring once or twice.
  • Remove from oven and allow to cool until you can safely handle. Then, repeat the cheesecloth straining process and you’re good to go!


If you have a crockpot on hand, this may be your go-to recipe, simply because of how easy it is. You’ll start the process identically to the previous–by decarboxylating your flower in the oven. However, with the crockpot, it really doesn’t matter if you forget this step–you’ll just allow your weed to simmer in the crockpot for double the time instead.


  • Fill your crockpot with warm-hot water and place a digital instant-read thermometer in the water. Turn the heat to high. Once the temperature hits 185 degrees Farenheit, turn your crockpot to low.
  • While the water is heating, decarb your cannabis. 
  • Pour your coconut oil into the mason jar for storage, leaving around ½ inch space from the top.
  • Plae your decarboxlyated flower in the jar and put the lid on. Carefully place the jar into the crockpot water.
  • Put the lid on the crockpot and let the infusion process go on for about four hours.
  • Allow your jar to cool. Once it’s cool enough to safely handle, you can begin the straining process with your cheesecloth, into another bowl or jar.
  • Return your freshly-strained coconut cannabis oil to its storage jar and enjoy!

What to Make With Your Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil

Now that you’re a pro at infusing your own coconut oil with cannabis, here are all of our favorite options for some tasty creations you can spice up, for every occasion:

  • The classic pot brownie. Before brands began infusing everything from baked goods to beer and wine, there was one go-to edible that our cannabis ancestors turned to without fail: the pot brownie. This elite mixture of chocolate, sugar, and weed is tried-and-true, and the perfect midday pick-me-up or evening treat. 
  • Infused tea or coffee. This oil is so versatile, it isn’t even strictly for food. You can just as easily plop a few drops in your daily cup of coffee or tea, either as an energetic morning burst or an evening unwind.
  • Coconut oil topical. Again, this oil is definitely not exclusive to food. If you prefer to apply cannabis via topical for aches, pains, or soreness, you can also make your own topical with this infused oil. Simply combine the coconut oil with equal parts vitamin E oil and essential oils of your choice.
  • Hazy grilled cheese sandwich. While it’s still cold and grilled cheese and tomato soup remains the go-to comfort meal, why not spice it up? Rather than buttering your bread, slather some infused coconut oil on each slice for a delicious, rich, hazy snack. 
  • Literally anything. The above recommendations are our Green Flower favorites, but you can honestly infuse this coconut oil absolutely anywhere you’d use cooking oil. 

Which of these recipes have you tried, and what sort of tasty creations have you made? Get creative, innovative, and feel free to leave us your recommendations in the comments!

Plus, speaking of edibles, many of our readers have inquired about growing their own cannabis to make their own edibles! If you’re interested in learning more about cannabis cultivation, make sure to check this out!

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