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5 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress with Cannabis

Are the high expectations of the holidays getting to you?

This time of year while exciting can also lead to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Emotions are on overdrive.

Add in the cooking, bills, relatives, shopping, and more – it’s easy to see how tension builds.

While all of us are susceptible to stress during the holiday season, women, in particular, are especially vulnerable.

According to the American Psychological Association, nearly 50% of women in the United States experience heightened stress during the holidays.

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the holidays burn you down.

Cannabis, alongside a healthy lifestyle, can be a powerful tool for stress relief.

From getting a better night’s sleep to tasty cannabis teas, here are 5 ways cannabis can relieve holiday stress.

1.) Sleep Better with THC

Stress doesn’t only impact our waking lives; it also impacts our sleep.

Research shows sleep deprivation and stress go hand in hand.

In fact, stress can reduce the amount and quality of sleep we get.

Why is this significant?

Sleep deprivation is associated with a number of negative effects on our health like reduced immunity, brain fog, weight gain, lower energy levels, and you guessed it – more stress!

Yet, research also shows THC is a safe and effective sleep aid.

A study published in 2008 revealed cannabis helps people fall asleep faster and longer.

But that’s not all…

Cannabis, especially THC, is shown to reduce REM sleep.

Hence why a lot of people who consume cannabis before bed don’t dream. The REM cycle of sleep is where dreaming occurs.
THC appears to reduce the amount of time we spend in the REM stage of sleep.

This is huge for people who are suffering from insomnia and night terrors associated with conditions like PTSD.

To reap the most benefits of cannabis for inducing sleep, consider keeping a sleep journal to keep track of what’s working and what’s not (dosage amount, strain variety, consumption method, etc.).

You might also consider cannabis products high in the cannabinoid CBN, which is noted for its sedative properties.

2.) Drink Cannabis Tea

During the busy holiday hustle, what’s better than sipping on a soothing cup of tea?

It’s no surprise that research indicates drinking tea can be good for your health.

Teas are rich in antioxidants, have less caffeine than coffee, promote weight loss, and boost your immune system.

A rich variety of teas allow you to reap a wide variety of health benefits, including cannabis-infused tea.

When you drink cannabis tea, your body receives an instant dose of cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

This is huge!

Evidence shows cannabis is a powerful stress reliever in addition to alleviating pain and reducing inflammation.

Ingesting tea allows you to reap the full benefits of cannabis medicine without smoking it.

Therefore, it’s a healthier alternative to smoking. Not to mention it’s relaxing.

Are you interested in making your own infused tea? It’s easier than you think. Here is a simple cannabis tea recipe.

3.) Meditate and Medicate

Come holiday season, do you find yourself constantly running from one thing to the next?

You’re not alone.

Our to-do lists always seem to get longer this time of year. Before we know it, we’re operating on overdrive.

Instead of finding joy in the season we are completely stressed out.

A healthy way to reduce stress and find peace in the present is by meditating.

In fact, research shows that even as little as 10 minutes of meditation a day can have a positive impact on our health. Meditation is linked to positive benefits such as:

Meditation is a powerful tool for natural stress relief.
Combined with mindful cannabis consumption; the health benefits of each practice are amplified.

Cannabis and meditation can help you find balance in your life.

Keep in mind though that cannabis affects everyone differently.

Therefore, you will want to experiment to find what is right for you.

Start out slow and monitor your physical and emotional responses.

Increase your dosage over time if necessary.

4.) Eat Nourishing Cannabis Foods

The holidays are synonymous with food.

Candy canes, gingerbread, and sugarplums galore – sweets are everywhere this time of year.

And if you’re feeling stressed…

The desire to grab a sugar-loaded dessert can be all too tempting.

While it’s ok to indulge now and again, excess sugar has a dangerous impact on our health.

Sugar is linked to the development of deadly diseases like cancer and heart disease to name a few.

Emotional eating is at an all-time high during the holidays.

Food can become a source of comfort in times of stress.

But overindulging develops unhealthy coping mechanisms. It also wreaks havoc on our health.

One way to combat emotional eating is by nourishing our body with the right foods.

Cannabis is a superfood with tremendous nutritional value.

When we feel full, satisfied, and energized – we’re less likely to be tempted by nutritionally empty treats.

Cannabis infused cuisine has evolved beyond the days of baked brownies.

You can juice raw cannabis to absorb raw cannabinoids (also non-psychoactive) or incorporate cannabis-infused coconut oil into your favorite dishes.
Eat foods rich in fiber, antioxidants, and essential vitamins and minerals to reap the most health benefit.

5.) Take a Cannabis-Infused Bath

Soak your stress away with a cannabis bath.

Cannabis-infused baths allow your body to reap the benefits of cannabinoids topically.

Today you can find products made with Epsom salts and essential oils for maximum therapeutic relief.

Keep in mind that cannabis topicals do not produce any psychoactive effects.

Nor will they show up on a drug test.

However, they do offer a number of other benefits like localized pain management, inflammation relief, and treating mild skin irritations.

Now, we should mention there has yet to be a scientific study to examine the impact of cannabis-infused bath products.

Nevertheless, at the very least, a cannabis bath can help you unwind. And during this hectic time of year, it may be just the thing you need.

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