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7 Ways Cannabis Can Boost Your Fitness

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As the stigma around cannabis continues to fade, people are finally starting to realize that cannabis users aren’t lazy and unfit like the antiquated stereotype suggests. Many cannabis consumers are athletes, as marijuana provides several benefits when it comes to getting in shape mentally and physically.

You may initially think that cannabis and fitness don’t go together, but they absolutely do. Your athletic performance can evolve thanks to cannabis consumption, as long as you use the right type and amount. Becoming knowledgeable about the ways to use cannabis to boost your fitness will assist you in reaching your health goals — from losing weight to dominating your full-marathon personal record.

Safety First 

Cannabis can truly elevate your athletic performance. However, we advise you to consult your physician before including cannabis in your fitness routine. Any significant change to your fitness and health plan should be discussed with your doctor to ensure safety. 

Shifting Your Perspective

For the everyday person, working out can be a difficult task to do on a regular schedule. There’s an endless number of excuses to use and so many other activities that sound much more fun. However, cannabis can help you think of working out as something pleasant instead of dreadful. Exercising may lead to euphoria, which is thought to originate in the endocannabinoid system. Cannabis interacts with your endocannabinoid receptors and may help them spark enjoyable feelings that are similar to a workout high. Overall, cannabis makes most activities more fun, and that includes exercising.

Stretching Your Muscles

One of the most important things to do before you start any physical activity is stretching. This helps to prevent your muscles from shortening and becoming tight, and improves body control and strength. When your muscles are loose and flexible, they can extend completely, and you’ll benefit from a full range of motion. The right amount of cannabis can help your body and muscles relax, so you can achieve ideal stretches before and after each workout. On its own, stretching will allow you to release the psoas muscles, which contract when you’re stressed or become aggravated when you’re sitting down for long periods. The moderate use of cannabis leads to dopamine release and blocks pain receptors, which helps to improve your stretching. 

Bronchial Relaxation

The appropriate amount of cannabis can help boost your fitness via bronchial relaxation. Cannabis will increase your heart rate mildly through vasodilation, or the dilation of blood vessels. Vasodilation increases your oxygen intake so you can push yourself to greater heights during your workout. Additionally, vasodilation will improve blood flow to your heart. Catching your breath during a workout will be made easier thanks to cannabis, and you’ll get a better performance from your body. If you couple the benefits of cannabis with the proper breathing technique, you can improve your endurance and stamina as well. 

Focus & Mindfulness

Most cannabis users will tell you that you’re more in tune with your body when you’re high. Since the mind-body connection is stronger when you’re using cannabis, you can pinpoint the muscles you want to contract for a targeted exercise. If you’re an athlete, then you know there’s a mind-body connection while you’re playing your sport, and the better the connection, the more you are “in the zone.” Cannabis will enhance that relationship. You’ll be more mindful and aware of your body, living in the present moment, which allows you to focus on the task at hand.

Helps Increase Or Suppress Appetite

Most people know that cannabis increases your appetite, which is also referred to as getting the munchies. Certain strains can slow down the neurons in your brain that transmit signals to tell you you’re full. THC also prevents the production of leptin — a hormone that suppresses your appetite. So, if you want to bulk up, cannabis can help you pack on more mass to complement your weightlifting. On the other hand, some cannabis strains can suppress your appetite. Strains that contain higher ratios of CBD can lower your impulse to eat, which can assist you in shedding the pounds. This can also prevent you from eating excessively late at night, which is often caused by boredom or habit.

Eases Nerve & Muscle Pain

Having cannabis activated in your system while you’re working out will help your overall performance. Typically, when you reach what you think is your limit, you take your foot off the pedal. However, most people don’t push themselves enough, especially when they exercise alone. There’s a mental wall that you eventually hit, and the pain in your muscles doesn’t help either. THC blocks the electrochemical reaction of your peripheral pain receptors, so nerve and muscle pain are muted. However, you will still feel enough pain that you don’t injure yourself. Think about the Navy SEAL 40% Rule: when your mind tells you you’re completely exhausted, you still have 60 percent left in the tank. Cannabis will boost your fitness by helping you tap into that 60 percent. 

Improves Recovery

The recovery period is just as important as your workout session. Many people do not recover properly or fail to give the process enough attention. Adding cannabis to a solid recovery routine that includes stretching, foam rolling, sleeping well, and getting the proper sustenance will help rejuvenate your mind and body. Many professional athletes use THC and CBD — replacing over-the-counter medications to recover properly — as these cannabinoids are widely reported to help in reducing inflammation and alleviating stress. Start with a low-dose of cannabis after a training session and before you eat dinner. You can adjust the dose in future sessions to perfect the amount your body needs. With cannabis in your post-workout routine, your muscles and nervous system will recover to become better than before.

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