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Focus On The Future: Episode 3 Rewind

by Staff

The way people shop for cannabis products continues to evolve as the legal market matures and consumer needs shift. In episode 3 of Focus on the Future, Green Flower Social Media Manager Allie Everdeen discusses the rise of cannabis delivery services with Adrienne Jones-Mulligan, Co-owner and CEO of NXTLVL, Inc., a unique Oakland-based courier dispensary offering a wide variety of top-shelf cannabis products conveniently brought right to shoppers’ doorsteps. Allie and Adrienne chat about the skyrocketing popularity of cannabis delivery, the unique challenges these operators face, and how the company is keeping customers and staff safe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adrienne Jones-Mulligan is the Co-owner and CEO of NXTLVL, Inc., a delivery service in Oakland that specializes in high-end products and brands. She was born and raised in Oakland, CA, and graduated in 2009 with a degree in business administration from California State University East Bay. She began working in the cannabis industry in 2007 at Harborside in Oakland, where she worked her way up to supply chain director after 12 years. Since leaving Harborside in 2019, Adrienne has done some technical and financial consulting but spends most of her time on NXTLVL, Inc., She specializes in operations, logistics, technical solutions, accounting, inventory, human resources, and overall cannabis industry knowledge.

Adrienne spends most of her (limited) free time with her family, and consuming cannabis and cannabis products of all forms for career research — and also just because she has been a huge cannabis user and advocate for many years.

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