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Focus On The Future: Episode 2 Rewind

by Staff

The cannabis industry has many potential dangers, whether it’s flammable materials in the extraction process or pathogens in the grow room. In episode two of Focus on the Future, Green Flower Social Media Manager Allie Everdeen explores the “risky business” of cannabis with decorated concentrates brand Gold Drop’s Founder and President, Joseph Encinosa, along with Chief Cannabis Officer, Harry Resin. The trio discusses the various workplace hazards associated with being an operator and the different ways the industry can protect itself, such as adopting standard operating procedures and collaborating with regulators to promote safe practices.

Joseph Encinosa is the Founder and CEO of Gold Drop, one of the premier cannabis companies in California. He has dedicated the last 10 years of his career to innovation in the cannabis concentrate market. As a pioneer and expert in cannabis concentrates, Joe has created extracts and formulations that have earned Gold Drop over 100 awards, including first-place finishes at The Emerald Cup and The High Times Cannabis Cup.

Harry Resin is the Chief Cannabis Officer of Gold Drop. He has been working in the cannabis industry for close to 20 years as a breeder, grower, writer, and entrepreneur. Harry grew up in Amsterdam in the “golden age” of seed companies and coffeeshops. He was a partner in both Delta-9 Labs and The Harvestmen. Harry was inducted into the High Times Magazine Seed Bank Hall of Fame in 2009.

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