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Focus On The Future: Episode 6 Rewind

by Staff

From the mason jars and plastic baggies of the past to the futuristic LED-outfitted containers of today, the ways in which we store our cannabis has evolved by leaps and bounds over the last several decades. In episode 6 of Focus on the Future, Green Flower Social Media Manager Allie Everdeen discusses innovations in cannabis displays with Sam Whetsel, CEO of Smokus Focus, a cutting-edge company changing the way the world views the plant. Everdeen and Whetsel chat about recent developments in storage and explain how cannabis packaging can help break down stigma.

Focus on the Future Episode 6

Sam Whetsel is the Co-founder and CEO of Smokus Focus. A serial entrepreneur, Sam founded several companies in his hometown of Charleston before creating the original Smokus Focus light-up magnifying jar with business partner Daniel Russell-Einhorn. Sam now resides in Denver where he continues to develop new and exciting additions to the Smokus Focus line, including the Horizon, the Eclipse, the Comet, and the levitating Launchpad. The company recently announced a deal with HBI International, the distribution home of RAW papers.

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