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FREE: The 500 Hottest Jobs in Cannabis (2020 Update)

Did you ever imagine yourself working in cannabis?

This industry has become one of the most exciting spaces to work, to play, to build a career. It’s fun, it’s new, it’s fast-paced – and it’s centered around a plant that adds very real value to people’s lives.

These opportunities are all thanks to the hard work of a lot of activists who stood up against prohibition for a very long time.

However, getting into the cannabis industry can be a tough nut to crack. Plus, a lot of people don’t realize that the range of job opportunities is much more diverse than commonly-known roles like budtender or grower.

When you really dig deep and understand what’s happening in the cannabis industry today, you’ll find a staggering amount of opportunities, different holes waiting to be filled. Roles in agriculture, science, finance, legal, retail, product development, marketing, patient care, and so many more. 

Part of the beauty in this new industry is how people are finding success by transferring their skill sets and experience from outside industries. Like the chemist who switches from food science to cannabis product development, the registered nurse who becomes a cannabinoid consultant, or the app designer who signs on with a chain dispensaries.

No matter what your background is, for anybody who desires to find their ideal place in the cannabis industry, Green Flower’s free e-book The 500 Hottest Jobs in Cannabis is a fantastic place to start.

Updated for 2020, this downloadable e-book will help you understand all the different job opportunities (sector by sector) in cannabis today.

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