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Pushing Medical Cannabis Knowledge Forward – Green Flower and the Association of Cannabis Specialists Partner

As more patients and physicians turn to different forms of cannabis therapy, there is an increased need for valuable, trusted medical cannabis information and guidance.

This is why Green Flower has always strived to provide relevant, vital information on these topics. We are proud to announce that we have partnered with the Association of Cannabis Specialists to bring their members a wealth of cannabis knowledge and tools, supporting the ACS mission.

“The ACS is playing a critical role in ensuring medical cannabis programs are functional, relevant, and serving patients in the best possible ways, patients who have a very real need for cannabis as medicine. We are very excited to partner with this important organization and to positively impact as many people as possible,” says Max Simon, Green Flower CEO.

What is the Association of Cannabis Specialists?

The Association of Cannabis Specialists (ACS) is at the forefront of medical cannabis education and the effort to change public policy.

The truth is that most practicing physicians don’t have the time to educate themselves or their patients on all the nuances of medical cannabis, which is why Jordan Tishler, MD, created the ACS to help unite and support cannabis specialists.

The ACS works to ensure that members of the medical cannabis industry are providing patients the highest standards in care and medicine.

The organization educates its members, including a range of physicians and practitioners, about the best clinical practices and collaborates with other community stakeholders to help patients find relief.

One of the ACS’s core beliefs is that cannabis patients are uniquely vulnerable and that they have very different needs compared to the average adult-use cannabis consumer. Cannabis patients often require information and guidance from a practitioner with specialized medical cannabis training and education.

Members of the ACS receive evidence and experience-based education, helping them to better understand cannabis medicine and how to make informed decisions when working with patients.

What else does ACS do to make an impact?

The Association of Cannabis Specialists helps push the medical cannabis community’s message forward, while also helping its members reach their full potential.

The ACS is a political organization as well, serving as a voice for medical cannabis specialists to the government at all levels. This is a vital focus because cannabis specialists can only be as effective as the laws and rules by which they are governed allow. A collective voice is powerful in politics, especially when that voice is backed with solid evidence.

“We really need to step back for a moment and give some thought, so that we can develop policies that support everybody, policies that allow for both recreational use but also something that is a little more specific and functional for patients,” says Dr. Jordan Tishler, cannabis physician and founder of the ACS.

In addition to advocacy, the ACS provides its members with valuable networking and educational opportunities, including a very exciting opportunity with Green Flower.

Green Flower is committed to supporting the ACS in its efforts to educate and train healthcare professionals and will be providing members of the ACS special discounts for our Patient Care and Medical Applications of Cannabis Certificate Programs.

About Green Flower’s Patient Care Certificate Program

Battling an illness or health condition is a very hard thing to endure. Suffering patients deserve to have access to effective, safe medicines. For many patients that includes cannabis.

Unfortunately, the cannabis plant does not have a one-size-fits-all form of consumption, delivery method, or dosage.

Medical cannabis reacts with different people’s biological systems and conditions in different ways. It takes a specialized skill set to help care for patients while incorporating cannabis therapies.

To facilitate the filling of these knowledge gaps, Green Flower has collaborated with leading cannabis doctors, nurses, healthcare specialists, and educators to develop the Cannabis Patient Care Certificate Program. Topics include:

  • Cannabis botany
  • Cannabis side-effects
  • How cannabis molecules interact within the body
  • Contraindications with cannabis and other medications
  • How to safely and effectively guide people to the right cannabis products
  • CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids
  • Dosing protocols for different conditions
  • How to ensure consumers have an effective, safe, and enjoyable cannabis experience
  • How to effectively answer common patient questions

The curriculum of this course is perfect for members of the Association of Cannabis Specialists who want to learn more about cannabis-focused patient care.

About Green Flower’s Medical Application of Cannabis Course

Cannabis is one of the oldest and most useful medicines on the planet.

Opponents may try to claim that cannabis does not possess medical value, however, that is a scientifically inaccurate claim.

The cannabis plant is the subject of tens of thousands of studies, and it has helped countless patients.

Yet, despite that, many members of the medical community are still unfamiliar with cannabis’s applications. ACS members will greatly benefit from this course which covers:

  • History of medical cannabis
  • Applications of CBD
  • Cannabis mechanisms of action
  • Cannabis strategies for different demographics & populations
  • The endocannabinoid system
  • Side-effects and risks of consumption
  • Medical cannabis for different diseases and ailments
  • Cannabis research
  • Cannabis and psychiatry
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Proper dosing
  • Legal implications for medical cannabis practitioners
  • Tracking cannabis use

This program is led by world-class instructors who are true experts in the medical field.

If you’d like to learn more about Green Flower’s certificate programs, visit Green Flower Academy today.

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