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BREAKING: Green Flower Acquires Cannabis Industry Leader Bob Hoban’s Media and Training Company

We have some exciting news!

Green Flower Media, the leader in trusted cannabis knowledge, is officially joining forces with the one and only Bob Hoban by acquiring his educational training and media company – Canna Pro Series.

For most industry players, Bob needs no introduction as his list of accomplishments is beyond impressive.

Bob Hoban is one of the world’s top business and legal minds in cannabis.

Hoban is the founder of Colorado’s first full-time, full-service law firm dedicated to cannabis, and now Hoban Law group spans 17 states with over 30 licensed attorneys. HLG recently announced plans for an international expansion in 2018.

Hoban’s law firm works with the largest players in the cannabis industry, and Hoban has helped local, state, and international governments shape their cannabis and hemp policies.

In addition to having litigated nearly every aspect of Colorado’s Marijuana Code, Hoban is a former professor at the University of Denver’s Law and Society Program, a member of the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Advisory Committee, and Founding Board Member for the National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

Green Flower CEO Max Simon had this to say about the new partnership:

“Nobody has more in-depth knowledge, experience, and insight into where the cannabis and hemp industry is now, and where it’s going, than Bob Hoban. We are beyond excited that Bob is joining the Green Flower team, and even more thrilled about the content we’ll produce together on the happenings, trends, and opportunities in this incredible industry.”

Bob Hoban Speaks on Green Flower

In an interview about the new partnership with Green Flower, Hoban talked about his passion for furthering the spread of real cannabis knowledge throughout the world.

“Canna Pro Series is proud to announce our partnership with Green Flower Media. We’re very excited to bring CPS content into Green Flower Media and to develop other high-level, sophisticated content and trainings for this industry – for investors, consumers and business operators,” Hoban said about the deal.

“We know Green Flower Media was the right partner because of their proven track record and because of their high-quality production capabilities and because of their nationwide footprint.”

Hoban also weighed in with advice for any investors using Green Flower as a tool to keep up with the cannabis industry.

“For investors watching Green Flower Media, I would encourage them to pay close attention to industry leaders who understand the 50,000 foot-perspective of the industry,” Hoban advised.

“There are experts across the Green Flower Media network that can paint that picture and not get bogged down in the trenches.”

Introducing Hoban’s New Show on Green Flower

In addition to adding Bob’s current content to the Green Flower platform, we will be producing a brand-new show called: “The Cannabis Insider.”

The Cannabis Insider will feature Bob alongside weekly special guests and will provide high-level analysis and ground-breaking insights into what’s REALLY happening in and around the cannabis industry today.

“We want to look at national versus international, we want to look at industrial hemp versus marijuana, adult-use versus medical – and spot the trends,” Hoban explained.

Financial trends, Hoban continued, are what will enable investors circling the industry to find their ideal entry point.

“The perspective that The Cannabis Insider will present will be different, and we think much more insightful – hence the Cannabis Insider title – than things people are going to find out on the Internet about this industry,” Hoban said.

“The Cannabis Insider is designed to look at mid to high-level professionals, whether you’re in the industry or you are outside taking a look at it, we want to demonstrate what the industry really is, the level of sophistication that’s attached to the operators in this industry and what are those nationwide and global trends in this burgeoning, global cannabis economy.”

Adding Great Cohesion and Credibility to the Cannabis Industry

Hoban’s new show with Green Flower will do much more than provide an inside track to the cannabis industry as a whole.

For a lot of people, The Cannabis Insider show will offer a clearer picture of what the industry has become on a global level.

“What’s unique about my position in the industry is that I get to see – as the hub of the wagon wheel if you will – what’s happening at each end of those spokes all around the industry,” Hoban said.

“We don’t get bogged down in one particular element or one particular state or one particular segment of the industry – it’s more of a global, overall perspective of what’s happening.”

This is a perspective that is sorely lacking in the cannabis space today, Hoban said.

“I hope the show elevates the credibility of the industry because at the end of the day this industry is well run by a large number of sophisticated professionals, both in the U.S. and around the world,” he added.

“Mainstream society needs to understand that this is not some rogue industry full of charlatans but rather it’s a highly regulated, well-run, well-funded industry that’s here to do the right thing, and that’s a perspective that I think you’ll see here that you won’t see in other places.”

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