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How to Write a Cannabis Cover Letter

The cannabis industry employed over 211,000 Americans with full-time jobs as of March 2019. While once an illicit market, cannabis is now an industry darling, providing careers to scores of individuals. In this nascent space, applicants have the opportunity to establish themselves as early leaders, crafting lucrative careers for themselves in the process. 

Today, much of the market relies on word-of-mouth to hire a person. This is often attributed to the ongoing grey area the market finds itself in. With an illicit, outlaw mindset still justifiably in place, many employers hire just as much on talent and interest as they do a co-sign from a trusted cannabis community source. 

That said, the times are indeed a-changing. Colleges and universities are offering majors and minors in cannabis. Soon, college-educated students will enter the job market with their resumes in tow, further demonstrating that marijuana is becoming a legitimate industry like any other. 

Whether just leaving college or any other scenario, it’s wise to start having a cannabis resume on hand. And as the recent job market has shown, any good resume must come with a cover letter.

How to Write a Cannabis Cover Letter 

Writing a cover letter for the cannabis industry won’t vary much from one geared towards any other sector. In general, it is recommended that applicants follow these broad rules: 

  1. Keep your cover well letter under a page: Cover letters should serve as a glimpse into what you and your resume are about. Remember that it should be a snapshot and not the full story. An extended essay is likely to turn off hiring managers who may see hundreds of applicants, especially in an in-demand space like cannabis. Instead of a full page, aim for two to four concise paragraphs. Explain who you are, as well as your interest and experience in the field. 
  2. Use suitable business language: Cannabis can be a laid back industry. That remains true today despite the maturing market. That said, even if the hiring company is more laid back, it’s a smart approach to side with caution. Keep the “hey”s and slang for later interactions when you get a feel for the company beyond its brand statement. 
  3. Edit and spell check thoroughly before sending: Spelling errors are near immediate dealbreakers for hiring managers. If an applicant isn’t thorough enough to edit a letter they are using to get a job, how can a company feel confident this person will perform their duties at the level needed? Unless an applicant has a medical difficulty that limits their ability to spot editorial issues, there is little to no exception for any lapses in a cover letter. 
  4. Account for the company’s wants: Using appropriate business language is one thing. However, altering the style of your cover letter to meet the desires of the hiring company is entirely different. Adhere to the requests in the job posting. This could include using more common terminology, as could it extend to formatting, additional information wanted and other standard cover letter demands to pay attention to. 

Sample Cannabis Cover Letter

With the standard rules in mind, job applicants may want to consider using the following cover letter as a template (notes are included in the key below): 

 Dear [Hiring manager’s name or Company’s hiring department] (1),

I recently saw your listing seeking a [Job title] with [Company]. With interest in [One or two personality or industry traits the listing mentioned] (2) and desire to work in [Field], I am submitting my resume for consideration. 

My training and accomplishments in [Key area of the job], have provided me with the expertise and credentials to [Reiterate a fundamental job requirement or two]. For example, my work achievements include [One to two short sentences on applicable career highlights] (3).

I know that [Company] has a reputation as a leader in [Sector or service] (4). I hope that my credentials and interest in your company and the industry serve as an indication of how I can help in this role (5).

Thank you (6),


Sample Cover Letter Key

  1. Search for the hiring manager on the job listing, the company’s website or LinkedIn. Finding the manager’s name may help demonstrate your desire to land the job and learn about the business. 
  2. Look for the essential credentials or requirements the listing mentions. If it doesn’t have any, search the company’s website for common traits discussed. Or, use your best judgment from the listing to determine which characteristics to mention. 
  3. Apply rules from Footnote #2
  4. Apply rules from Footnote #1
  5. Highlights can come from college or other education if an applicant is currently studying or graduated in the past few years or less. Otherwise, consider omitting these achievements. 
  6. Other greetings like “Sincerely” and “Best wishes” are often mentioned. This is subjective, and applicants should use any acceptable business phrase they feel sees fit. 

Most Common Cannabis Job Listings 

Keep in mind that as the industry matures, just about every job in the workforce can and will be replicated in the cannabis space. According to the popular job search platform Monster, these are some of the jobs frequently posted on its site:

    • Bud Trimmer 
    • Budtender 
    • Extraction Technician 
    • Dispensary Manager 
    • Edibles Chef
    • Grower

These roles represent just the tip of the career iceberg in cannabis. Other careers are emerging in sales, from seed to point-of-sale technology to CBD. The demand for lab testing is on the rise in numerous states. As are legal expert roles, with compliance serving as a critical need in the space. 

Soon enough, these roles and a myriad of others will be ripe for the taking, as we are just getting a taste of what’s likely to come. Those looking to enter the space should be getting out in the field, making a name for themselves, while also sharpening up their resumes and cover letters. 

The biggest hurdle to landing that dream cannabis job? Finding the right education for the industry. 

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