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10 Exciting Cannabis Developments to Watch for in 2019

2019 is poised to be the biggest year in cannabis to date.

So many things are likely to occur – trying to anticipate and keep track of it all can be a daunting task.

Below are some of the big things in cannabis progress you’ll want to keep an eye on in 2019:

#1) Movement on Federal Reform

For many years cannabis opponents in Congress have prevented federal cannabis reform measures from seeing the light of day.

Congressman Pete Sessions and Chuck Grassley, two of the biggest cannabis prohibition supporters of all time, used their powerful committee positions to block votes on reform bills.

That is no longer the case with Pete Sessions no longer being in Congress and Chuck Grassley having moved to a new committee. Expect some serious movement on federal reform bills in 2019 as a result.

#2) International Reform Spreading

As it stands, three nations (Uruguay, Canada, and Mexico) have legalized cannabis for adult use.

A number of other countries have legalized cannabis for medical use, and are now home to regulated cannabis industries.

Many other countries will likely legalize cannabis for medical and/or adult use in 2019, including in parts of the world that have historically strongly opposed all things cannabis.

#3) Exponential Industry Expansion

The cannabis industry is growing at an exponential rate, and that will continue into 2019 (and beyond).

With more states and countries allowing regulated industries to exist and current legal states and countries expanding their already-existing industries, 2019 will be huge for the cannabis space.

The numbers that the cannabis industry is going to put out in 2019 will be eye-popping, so be prepared for record investment amounts, record tax revenue figures, and other inspiring math.

#4) Surprising State Victories

In the United States, 2019 is likely to prove to be the year that state legislatures clamor to pass adult-use legalization measures.

Virtually every state in the Northeast has a legitimate shot at legalizing cannabis for adult use, as do Midwestern states like Illinois and Minnesota.

New Mexico is a Southwestern state that people should keep their eye on. The South is about the only place that isn’t in play in 2019, and it’s somewhat possible even that could change.

#5) Hemp Products Everywhere

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp across the U.S. And while implementation tasks still have to be performed, national expansion is going to occur very quickly with many states already enjoying thriving hemp industries thanks to 2014 Farm Bill hemp provisions.

Domestically produced legal hemp products are going to be everywhere across the country in 2019, which is good news for farmers, as well as consumers.

#6) More Cannabis Research

Cannabis research has been hindered for many years due to prohibition, but fortunately, that hasn’t stopped research from being conducted at all.

PubMed.gov lists over 29,000 peer-reviewed cannabis studies as of the posting of this article. That’s not enough but is certainly worth pointing to.

2019 will likely see more cannabis research conducted than ever before, especially if federal reforms occur. At the least, hemp-based research should boom in 2019, which is a good thing!

#7) Expanded Cannabis Innovation

The cannabis industry is more competitive than ever before. With so many people flooding into the space, new ideas and inventions are being developed and introduced all the time.

2019 will likely see more cannabis-focused innovation than any other year to date. Things that once seemed impossible will now be possible.

Consumers will greatly benefit from the innovations via new consumption devices and methods. The environment will hopefully benefit too, as the industry finds ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

#8) Falling Cannabis Prices

The supply of cannabis in the United States is increasing. Oregon alone is sitting on over 1.3 million pounds of cannabis.

As the supply increases, the price will decrease. That’s a basic law of economics, and cannabis is no exception.

In legal markets, prices should decrease in 2019, and for CBD products specifically, expect to see a massive price drop as domestic hemp products flood the market.

#9) Meaningful Reform in Professional Sports

When people think of cannabis reform, they typically only think about reform in the political arena.

However, prohibition exists elsewhere, including in professional sports. The major professional sports leagues have various prohibition policies that players are subjected to.

A number of current and retired athletes have been calling for cannabis reform in sports, and 2019 will hopefully be the year that their efforts yield results!

#10) More People Than Ever Learning About Cannabis

As cannabis reform continues to spread, more people are discovering the next important phase of embracing cannabis as a society: learning about cannabis and how to get the most benefits.

This is exactly why Green Flower has designed online cannabis certificate programs through Green Flower Academy, so that no matter where you are, you can access and train yourself or your team in trusted cannabis knowledge.

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