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Cannabis Legalization: 10 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Regulated Cannabis

Are you excited about cannabis legalization?

To date eight states have voted to legalize cannabis for adult use, as has Washington D.C.

More states are likely to follow sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately Washington D.C. does not have a regulated industry, but the eight states that have voted to end cannabis prohibition either have regulated sales occurring right now, or will be in coming months.

A regulated cannabis industry is something that activists have fought hard for over the years, and to see it become a reality this decade is something that still blows most cannabis consumers’ minds.

Although many consumers are still turning the black market, here are several reasons why you might want to think twice…

#1) Regulated cannabis is cleaner

Here’s the thing:

One of the biggest advantages to buying cannabis from a dispensary versus the unregulated market is that it is tested.

In order for cannabis to make it onto a licensed dispensary shelf in a legal state, it first has to be tested to ensure that it does not have harmful contaminants such as pesticides, mold, or mildew.

Be sure to double check with your dispensary for test results of any cannabis product you purchase.

#2) You get increased variety at the dispensary

Here’s one of the best parts.

Anyone who has ever visited a quality dispensary knows that the variety of cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, and other products is incredible.

Some dispensaries can carry hundreds of different strains and products.

Long gone are the days when you would make a purchase from an unregulated dealer that likely had only one or a few different types of flower to choose from.

#3) You actually know the cannabinoid levels

Want to make informed decisions about what kind of cannabis you’re consuming?

Black market cannabis often comes with either anecdotal stories about what to expect from consuming the particular strain, and really is just a roll of the dice.

Some strains look great but aren’t that potent and other strains look undesirable but are actually quite satisfying.

Black market consumers have no real idea what cannabinoid levels are in a particular cannabis flower.

At a regulated dispensary you know ahead of time what those levels are.

#4) Cannabis legalization contributes to taxes and legal jobs

One of the biggest selling points for cannabis legalization is that it would generate jobs and tax revenue for states that voted to end cannabis prohibition.

Literally every legal cannabis product purchase in a legal state helps support quality jobs, while at the same time generating tax revenues that go towards schools, mental health, addiction treatment, and/or police funding.

#5) Easier to determine where it came from

No more mystery cannabis please.

When you purchase cannabis products from the unregulated market, chances are you have no idea who grew it or what cultivation practices went into cultivating the cannabis that you are about to consume.

In a regulated market, everything is supposed to be clearly labeled and you can ask the dispensary budtender/owner for more information about the products they sell.

A regulated market is much more transparent.

woman examining cannabis plant

#6) Quality control could save your life

Maybe you’ve been here before.

You just purchased cannabis from a dealer, and the product is less than desirable. In an unregulated market, it’s often ‘take it or leave it.’

In a regulated market, reputable dispensaries have quality controls in place to ensure that only the best products make it to their shelves.

Airy buds, shake filled bags, and other undesirable things do not exist in a regulated, quality dispensary.

And unfortunately we’ve seen incidences where people have been harmed by moldy or contanimated cannabis.

#7) You see what you are getting ahead of time

This is one you might know.

If you have purchased cannabis from the unregulated market long enough, you likely have had to make several purchases without even seeing what you are buying ahead of time.

You likely had to meet someone in a parking lot or poorly lit alley, and you didn’t get to see or smell what you purchased until the person you bought it from is long gone.

That often leads to a less than satisfied experience.

When you purchase cannabis from a dispensary, you can see exactly what you are buying, and smell it, before you hand over your hard-earned dollars.

#8) No chance of being shorted

In theory, all cannabis that is purchased from a regulated dispensary weighs exactly what it says on the label.

Of course, some purchases could weigh less than what is claimed, but that is due to human error, not nefarious motives, and any reputable dispensary will likely work with you if you are being honest.

Isn’t cannabis legalization awesome?

#9) Experience cannabis innovation

Here’s a great point.

One of the best things about visiting a regulated dispensary is seeing all of the new innovations that people have come up with in the cannabis space.

Innovations that might work better for you than the go-to joint you may or may not be smoking right now.

Back in the day anything above and beyond flower was rare, and seen as being more of a novelty versus being something that consumers could purchase reliably.

Anyone who has visited a quality dispensary knows that there are so many different types of products out there, from infused foods to trans-dermal patches, and more ideas make it to the marketplace every day.

#10) Money doesn’t go to gangs or cartels

Oh man. Who would want to support violent cartels?

Not all unregulated cannabis purchases go towards supporting gangs or cartels, but many of them do.

Money from those transactions helps gangs and cartels perpetuate misery all over the world.

The regulated industry has many safeguards in place to ensure that bad actors are kept out of the industry, and that honest, hardworking people benefit from cannabis sales, not organized crime.

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