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Cannabis Legalization Efforts in Florida Just Received a Potentially Big Boost

Florida legalized cannabis for medical purposes in 2016 and adult-use legalization efforts geared towards 2020 may have received a very significant boost today.

High-profile Florida attorney John Morgan tweeted that he is going to look into launching a fund that would bankroll an adult-use legalization initiative for 2020.

Medical cannabis’ roll out in Florida has experienced a number of challenges – and also the right for Florida patients to smoke cannabis is currently in the middle of a lawsuit.

Morgan has been calling for Florida’s Governor to drop his appeal of a court ruling that struck down a medical cannabis smoking ban.

It should be clarified that a ban on cannabis smoking is essentially a ban on safe access to dried cannabis flower, which many people prefer or require, whether it’s to smoke, vape, cook, or whatever else they choose.

Morgan is apparently getting fed up and it sounds like he is planning on doing something about it.

Will John Morgan launch a cannabis legalization campaign fund for 2020?

This week John Morgan tweeted the following, which is significant given his wealth, network, and history of success on Election Day:

Pundits in the cannabis and political world have been speculating if John Morgan was really serious about 2020. It certainly seems to be the case.

Until an actual fund is launched it’s possible that Mr. Morgan could just be thinking out loud, however, his tweet and follow-up media interviews have to be taken very seriously.

It would not be too difficult for John Morgan to launch a cannabis reform effort and fund in Florida because, after all, he has already done it before.

Would a Florida adult-use initiative win in 2020?

Florida has been at the top of a lot of people’s lists for a cannabis legalization initiative in the 2020 election cycle.

The state’s medical cannabis initiative received so much support (it won in literally every county) that it’s only logical to ponder what an adult-use initiative’s chances would be.

A poll conducted by the University of North Florida from earlier this year found that 62% of voters would support an adult-use legalization initiative.

In order to win in Florida the initiative would have to garner at least 60% of the vote, so based on the poll it would be close.

Working in the initiative’s favor would be the ever-increasing level of support for legalization. 2020 is still a couple years away and a lot can happen between now and then.

With national polling increasing, legalization working in a number of states, and many prominent figures fighting for reform a lot of minds could be changed between now and Election Day 2020.

What can you do to help legalization in Florida?

One thing that people can do to stay up to date on John Morgan’s effort is to follow him on Twitter.

I follow him and he is very active and typically makes his announcements and posts action alerts via that channel.

Another thing that all Florida voters can do is to keep the pressure on Florida’s Legislature and Governor.

Florida’s Legislature is not cannabis-friendly and the Governor is suing to keep many patients from being able to consume medical cannabis the way that they need to.

Tell them all how you feel about it in a firm, but professional way.

If you are lucky enough to have a supportive lawmaker, thank them for their support and urge them to keep the pressure on their colleagues.

The state of Florida would be a major domino in the battle to end cannabis prohibition nationwide. If we all work hard enough we can get Florida on the right side of history! YES!

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