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The BIG3 Isn’t the First Basketball League to Allow CBD, but It’s Definitely the Most High-Profile

The BIG3 basketball league is one of the most exciting things to happen to hoops in a long time, and not just because of what happens on the court.

This week the BIG3 league announced that it would be allowing its players to use cannabidiol (CBD).

The announcement was celebrated by cannabis advocates and basketball fans alike and for good reason.

CBD has been found to help treat a number of ailments that athletes often suffer from so it makes perfect sense why league officials would want to allow their players to consume it.

What is the BIG3 basketball league?

The BIG3 league is a 3 on 3 professional basketball league started by musician and actor Ice Cube.

3 on 3 basketball, by the way, is now an official Olympic sport, debuting in the 2020 games. Olympic qualifying is currently underway.

Teams in the BIG3 league are comprised of a combination of former NBA players and other top players with experience from other professional leagues around the globe.

BIG3 games are known for attracting high-profile attendees such as musicians, actors, and other celebrities.

With the league so popular, and the popularity increasing all the time, it’s quite significant that league officials are embracing the use of CBD in such a public way.

What other sports leagues allow the use of CBD?

The BIG3 may be the most high-profile league to announce that its players can use CBD, but it’s not the first to do so.

At least one other professional basketball league, the North American Premier Basketball League, has also embraced the use of CBD by players.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced in October 2017 that CBD would no longer be prohibited.

WADA’s standards are relied upon by various sports leagues and organizations around the world.

The National Hockey League does not include any cannabinoids on its list of banned substances, although players can still be entered into a program if cannabis use is determined to be a problem.

Technically the NBA and the other major sports leagues do not test for CBD, only THC, but full-plant CBD products contain some THC so CBD use in those leagues is still problematic.

The sports cannabis movement continues to gain momentum

The Green Flower team is hopeful that someday soon all professional sports leagues will embrace not only CBD, but the entire cannabis plant.

Prohibition does not work outside of stadiums and arenas just as it doesn’t work in professional sports leagues.

Cannabis is significantly safer than alcohol and pharmaceuticals which are two substances that pro sports leagues widely accept.

No one is saying that all players should be mandated to use cannabis or cannabis-infused products, just that players should be allowed to do so if they find it beneficial for wellness purposes.

If you are a sports fan we urge you to contact your favorite team and urge their leadership to support cannabis reform.

Also, contact the head of the leagues you support and remind them that they can end prohibition at any time and that they shouldn’t put the burden on players to use their health as a bargaining chip.

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