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Cannabis Legalization’s Success Has Made A Believer out of Denver’s Mayor

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A very prominent former opponent of cannabis legalization has changed his mind after seeing how successful legalization has been in the City of Denver.

Denver’s current Mayor Michael Hancock used to oppose cannabis legalization but has since changed his mind.

Cannabis prohibition has failed and legalization is clearly a better public policy approach as Colorado and other states have proven.

Some cannabis opponents will never change their mind about reform and will cling to prohibition for the rest of their lives.

Fortunately for cannabis advocates, not all opponents fit into that category as Denver’s Mayor proved this week.

Why did Denver’s Mayor change his mind about cannabis reform?

Earlier this week Denver Mayor Michael Hancock was a featured guest on Boston Herald Radio’s Morning Meeting.

During the segment, Mayor Hancock explained why he went from opposing cannabis legalization to being an advocate of the public policy reform.

“The sky hasn’t fallen like I thought it would,” he said. “If you regulate it properly, enforce the laws around it and you set up your government to help work collaboratively with the industry, good things will happen.”

Hancock assumed office in 2011 and has had a front-row seat to see how legalization was successfully implemented in Denver.

He has also seen how legalization has continued to work since legal sales began in January 2014.

Mayor Hancock has been so impressed with legalization that he has become a very passionate advocate for it.

Mayor Hancock is walking the walk

It’s one thing for a politician to admit that they were wrong, which in itself is rare in politics.

But it’s even rarer for a politician to admit that they were wrong and then step up to work to help ensure that others don’t fall into the same false belief.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock recently helped form the Government for Responsible U.S. Cannabis Policy Coalition.

The coalition advocates for the end of federal cannabis prohibition and the responsible implementation of legalization in cities across the country.

Mayors have a direct incentive to help end cannabis prohibition at the federal level to help ensure that they can implement legalization at the local level successfully and mitigate unnecessary headaches.

“As mayors of cities that have successfully implemented and managed this new industry, we have hands on experience that can help Congress take the right steps to support other local governments as they prepare to enter this new frontier,” Mayor Hancock said in a press release.

So far five other U.S. Mayors have joined Hancock in advocating for federal cannabis reform and the Green Flower team is hopeful that the number grows exponentially in the near future.

Urge your Mayor to get on the right side of history

Cannabis legalization is good for towns and cities. It helps law enforcement focus on fighting real crime instead of going after people for possessing a plant that is safer than alcohol.

A legal cannabis industry helps generate local tax revenues, revitalizes commercial areas, and provides much-needed jobs in towns and cities that allow cannabis businesses to operate.

Every Mayor in the country should support those things, and you should let your Mayor know that they should get on board.

Urge your Mayor to join the Government for Responsible U.S. Cannabis Policy Coalition if they haven’t already.

Feel free to point them towards Denver’s Mayor if they want to talk to someone who has seen the success of legalization first-hand and had their mind changed about legalization!

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