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What Are The Best Cannabis Strains For Fatigue?

The common myth is that cannabis is a couch-locking and low motivation kind of herb.

However, did you know that some cannabis varieties may also be helpful for those seeking relief from fatigue?

While not every variety fits the bill, many cannabis cultivars produce energetic and stimulating effects, sort of like a strong cup of coffee or black tea without the jitters.

Interested in learning more? Here are the five best cannabis strains for fatigue:

1. Sour Diesel

One of the most famous sativa strains around, the Sour Diesel cannabis strain is known for its invigorating and fast-paced nature.

High in THC, this flower is considered safe to use in the morning by THC-savvy individuals. For others, the cognitive effects of this strain may be a little too strong for a busy day.

However, it’s not the THC that makes this strain useful for fatigue. Rather, it’s the terpenes that make the strain.

The Sour Diesel cannabis strain has tested positive for high amounts of alpha and beta-pinene. These two terpenes give the plant a sharp, pine-like aroma.

Alerting and energizing, Pinene is also expected to promote focus and perhaps boost memory.

Why? Early laboratory research has discovered that pinene interacts with an enzyme responsible for the breakdown of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

This neurotransmitter plays a vital role in memory, learning, and attention.

Feeling sluggish? A pinene-rich strain may help.

2. Super Lemon Haze

Another invigorating THC hybrid is Super Lemon Haze. Considered a sativa-dominant strain, this plant can produce potent effects.

Still, those with a tolerance to THC may find that this plant can be consumed in the morning alongside or instead of a hot cup of coffee.

Not only does Super Lemon Haze contain of alpha and beta-pinene, but this strain also contains decent amounts of limonene.

As the name suggests, limonene provides an invigorating citrus aroma to strains like Super Lemon Haze.

While not as alerting as pinene, limonene is thought to contribute to a calm yet clear-headed experience. This is somewhat akin to smelling lemon extract for a quick burst of mental stimulation.

3. A.M.S.

Bred by Green House Seeds, “AMS” stands for “anti-mold strain.” While the name may not be very exciting to the average consumer, this flower boasts very high levels of pinene.

In fact, in third-party tests by Green House Seeds, over 80% of the terpenes produced by the strain included pinene.

This makes sense because while pinene is known for its alerting and energizing qualities, the terpene is also a strong anti-fungal.

High in THC and considered an indica/sativa hybrid, this strain may be worthwhile for those searching for a resilient, alerting, and clear-headed flower.

4. Lemon CBD

In general, cannabis strains high in CBD are thought to be more energizing than those that contain THC.

When combined with the right terpenes, high-THC strains can quickly become sedative.

CBD strains, however, are known to offer consumers a quick mood boost without drowsy intoxication.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most prevalent cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, this cannabinoid does not produce a cognitive “high”.

As such, those hoping for a morning time flower that won’t interfere with cognitive performance may appreciate a high-CBD flower.

Based on the, Lemon CBD (sometimes called Lemon Aid) may be a particularly invigorating CBD strain.

This plant can produce particularly high levels of limonene. Not only does this give the plant a zippy, citrus scent, but limonene is thought to produce a collected yet clear-headed experience when inhaled.

5. Charlotte’s Web

While CBD itself can be invigorating, some high-CBD strains may still be better for fatigue than others.

The popular Charlotte’s Web strain may be one of them. Not only does this plant feature extremely high levels of CBD, it also tends to produce high quantities of pinene.

Sharp-scented and focused, the Charlotte’s Web strain may be an excellent selection for those hoping to zap fatigue without intoxication.

Tips for finding the right strains for fatigue

Unfortunately, finding the best cannabis strains for fatigue can be tricky business.

While a strain grown in one region may produce high levels of a particular terpene, the same strain grown under different conditions and in a different region may produce different results.

Further, every individual body experiences cannabis strains differently.

So, while the five strains mentioned in this article may be good starting points for those fighting fatigue, finding the best cannabis strains for fatigue may require some personal experimentation.

In case you’re wondering where to start, here are a few simple tips for finding the best strains for fatigue:

1. Avoid strains high in myrcene and CBN

There are two major compounds that make some cannabis strains far more sedative than others.

The first is a cannabinoid called cannabinol (CBN).

CBN is a breakdown product of psychoactive THC. As THC ages, the more CBN is produced.

Early research has found that CBN has sedative qualities. While this may be useful for those hoping to catch up on sleep, chances are this won’t be helpful for those with chronic fatigue.

Next, avoiding strains with high qualities of myrcene may also be helpful.

Like CBN, myrcene is thought to be a strong sedative.

Often taking the blame for the “couch-locking” and hypnotic effects of the herb, strains high in myrcene may be a little too tranquilizing for those with daytime fatigue.

2. Inhaled products may be more invigorating than oral products
Apart from the strain, the way in which you consume cannabis may also determine whether or not the herb has more sedative or invigorating effects.

In general, inhaled cannabis products are less sedative than oral and edible preparations. When eaten or otherwise consumed orally, cannabis is metabolized differently in the body.

When ingested, the THC in some types of cannabis is broken down into a more potent psychoactive metabolite. This metabolite will produce a more sedating effect than found with inhaled THC.

To inhale cannabis safely, using a low-temperature vaporizer is recommended. Vaporizers substantially reduce the presence of toxins and carcinogens found in smoke.

3. Opt for products that are dominant in pinene and limonene

When possible, choosing cannabis strains that have had both their cannabinoid and terpene content analyzed is recommended. You should be able to ask your cannabis vendor for accurate lab test reports with all this info.

As hopefully made clear above, terpene aroma molecules are responsible for giving individual strains their unique effects.

When trying to find more energizing strains, opting for varieties high in pinene and limonene while low in myrcene and CBN are thought to be the best options thus far.

Of course, every person will respond differently to the plant. As such, there may be a variety of plants that are beneficial for those in need of relief from brain fog and chronic fatigue.

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