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7 Cannabis Strains That Smell Like Gas

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Cannabis flowers can offer a variety of fragrances based on their trichome density and terpene profile. They can smell like citrus; they can smell like berries; and they can also smell like one of the industry’s most favored aromas, diesel. Diesel or gassy cannabis strains are usually extremely potent in smell and taste. And their loud, jet fuel flavor is usually followed by an extremely long-lasting high. If you’ve ever heard someone yell “Damn, that’s some gas” after hitting a joint, then you’re well aware of how revered gassy cannabis strains are in today’s marketplace.

Why Do People Love Gassy Cannabis Strains?

I once asked a budtender how she suggests a relaxing strain to consumers, considering that the effects of cannabis can be so individual. She told me that “the first question I ask is if they want to feel relaxed or sleepy, because they’re two different feelings.” If they want to feel relaxed, as in a chill stoney high, she goes with an earthy Glue or Kush strain. If her customers and patients want to feel sleepy, she goes with something gassy, as diesel-flavored cannabis strains are well-known for packing the heaviest punch. So when you ask why people love gassy cannabis strains, it’s usually because they’re shopping for a super-strong body high that leaves them couch-locked for hours. 

7 Cannabis Strains That Smell Like Gas


Chemdog is the granddaddy of all gassy cannabis strains worldwide. It was born back in the 1990s and named for its unique “chemmy” aroma that smelled like gas. Since then, Chemdog has been used to create a whole world of gassy-flavored crosses like GMO Cookies and Sour Diesel (most likely), while remaining the prime example of what consumers want in terms of smell and effects from diesel strains. 


Giesel was bred by the same breeder who blessed the word with Chemdog. It crosses Chemdog with a Mass Super Skunk strain to produce a flower with strong citrus and fuel flavors. With Skunk genetics in the mix, a sniff of Giesel’s jar will give you a sweet funk that’ll have you reaching for your connoisseur’s essential toolbox immediately. If you’re looking to relax, chances are this one will help you accelerate the process. Novice consumers should tread lightly with gassy strains like Giesel.


Gelato is for all my people out there seeking a fruity strain with gassy undertones that will please every bit of your senses. This famed descendant of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) — the result of crossing its Thin Mint GSC phenotype with Sunset Sherbert — is a beautiful flower with dense purple-flushed buds, the staunchest coat of white trichomes, and a berry aroma paired up with a gassy flavor that makes it very easy to see why this strain absolutely blew up in California and all over the world. 

Miracle Alien Cookies

Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) absolutely slaps you in the face with gassy aromas and flavors. If you love the way GSC makes your body feel, and you came into this list hoping for a Cookies strain that smells and tastes exactly like gas and gas only, then look no further than MAC. It has Alien Cookies, Starfighter, and Columbian landrace genetics that ultimately produce a strain with THC figures out of this world and a high that should probably be experienced toward the latter parts of your day.

White Tahoe Cookies

White Tahoe Cookies is another indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing GSC, The White, and Tahoe OG. Off those genetics alone, it’s easy to see why this Cookies strain is one of the most potent. A sniff of the jar will give you a rush of earthy, sweet, and fragrances familiar from your favorite purple strains. However, the reason it is on this list comes from the gassy undertones that jump to the front of the line when White Tahoe Cookies is consumed in concentrate form. Dabbers worldwide know all about this one.


Strains labeled as SFV OG can be pretty confusing as the strainosphere contains two versions of the strain. Standing for San Fernando Valley, where the plant was originally bred, there is the SFV OG that’s a phenotype of OG Kush; and then there’s also the SFV OG Kush that’s a mix of Kush and Afghani genetics. The differentiation factor between them is the Kush in the name, but still, the jars of this one can still be a coin toss. The SFV OG Kush version of the strain is known for having that familiar funk of OG Kush, but those Afghani indica influences give it a diesel-flavored complement. 

Death Star

Anyone who’s smoked it will tell you that Death Star is one of the single most potent strains out there. It comes from crossing a Sensi Star father with a Sour Diesel mother, and the result is a cannabis flower with extremely strong fuel and skunk flavors. You almost have to double jar this one to keep the smell from getting out. It is one of the loudest strains on this list, and in terms of effects, should only be smoked by the most experienced consumers. It literally only takes one or two puffs of Death Star for you to start feeling that heavy relaxation creep from your eyelid to your shoulders, eventually blanketing your entire body in a sleepy funk that’ll last for the rest of your night.

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