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The Cannabis Connoisseur’s Essential Toolbox

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Anyone who has been smoking for a while knows that when it comes to cannabis, practice makes perfect. And the more time you spend around the plant, the more you begin to understand it — and how it works best for your body, mind, and spirit.

Whether you’re content with a BIC lighter and a Chillum, or you prefer to experiment with a range of green-friendly accessories, every cannabis connoisseur should have a high-time arsenal for when they want to indulge. Not only does it prepare you for your future sessions, but it’s an opportunity to express your unique identity within the cannabis community — we all have our tricks and preferences.

Green Flower’s Derek Gilman has the toolbox of every cannabis connoisseur’s dreams, and it’s a great starting point for determining what yours could look like. Here are the items we recommend considering when building up supplies of your own:

The Cannabis Connoisseurs Essential Toolbox 13Storage Container

It’s always useful to have extra storage containers for your flower, but it’s important to make sure the material is durable enough. These jars are great for their ability to keep your weed sealed tightly and safely — and away from harmful UV rays. It’s also a good idea to keep around some extra joint containers, in case you want to roll and stroll while saving some for later.

The Cannabis Connoisseurs Essential Toolbox 7Magnifier

Dedicated connoisseurs are more likely to include a jeweler’s loupe in their toolbox than the average joe, but examining your cannabis closely is an important element to consider. It will allow you to easily identify strains, which is a great party trick if nothing else.

The Cannabis Connoisseurs Essential Toolbox 6Lighter

Smoking doesn’t work without fire, and we recommend something like this butane metal lighter for your toking needs — especially when paired with a nice hemp wick. The cap makes it safer and easier to store, and protects the lighter from possible damage.

The Cannabis Connoisseurs Essential Toolbox 5Hemp Wick

A hemp wick can be a healthy alternative to a butane lighter, and is really popular to use when smoking a Chillum or other one-hitter. Once you’ve used a hemp wick, you probably won’t want to go back to igniting your cannabis any other way.

The Cannabis Connoisseurs Essential Toolbox 10Rolling Papers

Whether or not you roll regularly, it’s always wise to keep a stash of papers just in case. We recommend these Club Modiano rolling papers. They’re lightweight, thin, and don’t take away from your flower’s flavor.

The Cannabis Connoisseurs Essential Toolbox 4Flower Grinder

This classic black metal grinder does the trick as good as any, but if you’re a kief enthusiast, you may want to opt for a grinder with a kief collector to store all of those tasty trichomes.

The Cannabis Connoisseurs Essential Toolbox 1Chapstick

Depending on your body, certain strains can be practically synonymous with cotton mouth. Having some chapstick on hand (we recommend Burt’s beeswax) ensures your lips won’t dry out and get stuck to your joint — no fun.

The Cannabis Connoisseurs Essential Toolbox 12Cigar Scissors

Use a pair of cigar scissors to nip the end of your joint before smoking. It allows for a nice, clean hit and just overall ups the presentation and experience of your joint smoking sesh.

The Cannabis Connoisseurs Essential Toolbox 0Ashtray

This obviously applies to those who smoke joints rather than use pipes or bongs, but an ashtray is a classic and timeless smoker’s accessory that is always essential to have. It can act as a statement piece, a functional object, or both.

The Cannabis Connoisseurs Essential Toolbox 11Rolling Tray

Arguably as important as the ashtray is a proper rolling tray — preferably one with a cool design that really speaks to you.

The Cannabis Connoisseurs Essential Toolbox 8Metal Cuticle Tool

A repurposed cuticle tool is great for cleaning your butane lighter or setting up your dabs. Cannabis smoking comes with a lot of nooks and crannies, so it’s useful to have a tool nimble enough to maintain your products.

The Cannabis Connoisseurs Essential Toolbox 9Cigarette Ring Holder

Another classy touch to your toker toolbox is a nice shiny cigarette ring holder — perhaps for special occasions.

The Cannabis Connoisseurs Essential Toolbox 3Solid Gold Joint Holder

While your roach clip doesn’t necessarily have to be sold gold to qualify, a piece you really love that also functions more ergonomically for your inhalations is a must.

The Cannabis Connoisseurs Essential Toolbox 2Container Individual To You

Last but not least to add to your toolbox is the toolbox itself. Your vibe as a cannabis connoisseur will determine which container is best for you, so make sure it’s something you really treasure.

Your cannabis experience is entirely up to you as a consumer, but this list is a great starting point for anyone looking to take their hobby to the next level of interest.

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