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Spreading Cannabis Education and Training – Green Flower Partners with CannaMedU

CannaMedU and Green Flower

Credible, accurate information about medical cannabis is in high demand – and more now than ever before.

As cannabis laws continue to change across the United States and around the world, many suffering patients and people seeking wellness benefits from the cannabis plant are gaining access to legal medical cannabis for the first time.

It is extremely important for those medical cannabis patients to know what types of cannabis products will help them, which consumption methods are best for their situation, and what they should avoid.

With so much misinformation about medical cannabis in existence today, many of those patients will turn to their healthcare providers for answers. 

For healthcare providers who want to help patients in this area, it is vital that they possess a working knowledge of cannabis, or at least the fundamentals.

This is why Green Flower is proud to announce that we have partnered with CannaMedU to educate healthcare providers across the country about in-depth and accurate medical cannabis information and its importance.

Highlighting the CannaMedU Mission

Co-founded by Green Flower Academy alum Heather Beuke Diers and Pam Trapp, CannaMedU is a new platform designed to serve clinicians, healthcare advocates and consumers, connecting them with science-based cannabis education resources – empowering people to make informed decisions around cannabis-based medicine.

Heather’s own cannabis story began while conducting research on holistic health. CBD proved to be a game-changer for her dog’s arthritis, as well as chronic pain issues she and her mother were having.

Heather soon found her way to Green Flower’s Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program, where she encountered a ‘lightbulb moment’, learning how cannabis works in the body.

Now with CannaMedU, Heather and Pam are on a mission to help others experience their own lightbulb moments with cannabis medicine.

“My experience through Green Flower Academy marked my first step into my new career in cannabis education,” Heather notes, adding that her and Pam also co-host the Freshemp podcast.

“Through our podcast interviews, we have connected with the cream of the crop in the cannabis industry and that circle of specialists continues to grow. We learn something new every day and work hard to change the conversation about the most medicinal plant on earth. It all began at Green Flower Academy,” Heather says.

Spreading Cannabis Education Far and Wide

“The Green Flower team has always believed in the importance of proper cannabis education, especially when it comes to medical cannabis,” says Max Simon, CEO and founder of Green Flower.

“Cannabis is an effective medicine, yet it is also often misunderstood, even in the professional medical community. Many medical professionals don’t necessarily oppose the medical use of cannabis. However, they often don’t know enough about it so they shy away from recommending it.”

Green Flower, the global leader in cannabis education, and CannaMedU share a common goal, seeking to educate medical professionals all over the globe about the best medical cannabis practices.

When a medical professional is properly equipped with credible, useful cannabis knowledge they are more likely to recommend medical cannabis to patients – and in a way that is effective.

Equally important, CannaMedU and Green Flower believe in science-driven medical cannabis policy and wellness strategies, also an important factor within credible cannabis education.

We are here to help clinicians, healthcare advocates, and consumers educate themselves about cannabis so that they can make the best cannabis recommendations to their patients, clients, and loved ones.

Green Flower Academy’s Growing List of Cannabis Certificate Programs

Green Flower offers a number of cannabis certificate programs (for individual people and teams) that are full of extremely important, helpful information taught by seasoned experts in their fields:

    • Cannabis Fundamentals
    • Patient Care
    • Medical Applications
    • Compliance and Regulation
    • Cultivation
    • Extraction (coming soon!)
    • CBD (coming soon!)

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Trusted by top universities, utilized by companies around the world, and endorsed by the leaders shaping the modern cannabis industry, Green Flower courses are the gold standard in cannabis education and training.

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