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Cannabis Wellness is the Future of the Spa Industry – Collier Concepts and Green Flower Partner

The exponential growth in CBD’s popularity over the last few years has proven to be a double-edged sword.

It’s amazing and inspiring to see so many people discover the wellness benefits of CBD.

However, the rise in interest among consumers has been paralleled by an unfortunate rise in misinformation being spread about CBD, making it very hard for consumers to find accurate and valuable information.

Green Flower, the global leader in cannabis education, is on a mission to educate consumers about CBD and cannabis, and we are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Kim Collier of Collier Concepts to further that mission.

Collier Concepts works with leading spa industry professionals across the globe to educate them on the benefits of incorporating CBD into their services.

A significant amount of consumers are going to learn about CBD from staffers who work at spas and resorts, so it is vital that those staffers are properly educated about CBD.

Promoting Consumer Safety

The proliferation of misinformation regarding CBD has created concerns around public safety.

For example, many people assume CBD is generally safe, although it can cause issues when high doses are combined with specific pharmaceuticals. And unfortunately, many products contain additives that are far from harmless.

Some CBD products may even be safe for consumption yet are ineffective for various reasons, not the least of which is how the product was applied/consumed.

Certain applications and consumption methods are more effective than others depending on the situation.

Essentially, consumers and patients may know that CBD possesses wellness-boosting qualities, however, they may not know how to differentiate quality CBD products from bad ones.

They may not know the best way to consume them.

Consumers who fit that description will likely rely on the advice of spa and resort staffers to become educated on the best practices for using CBD.

Collier Concepts and Green Flower – the perfect team to educate the spa industry’s top professionals

For Kim Collier, cannabis wellness is a way of life and a focus of her family-centric consulting company, Collier Concepts.

Collier Concepts offers specialized consulting for wellness venues, CBD brands, and experiential education programs for spas, resorts, and consumer enlightenment. Topics include:

  • Wellness
  • Holistic health
  • Spa design
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Communications
  • CBD branding
  • Cannabis hospitality

All of those qualities and skills are greatly needed in the self-care industry. Gaining insight from a multi-generation perspective, like the Collier family, is an invaluable opportunity.

This is why Green Flower is so excited to partner with and support Collier Concepts in an effort to provide credible cannabis education and training to the professionals of an outside industry and who are truly passionate to learn more.

Collier Concepts also specializes in vetting CBD wellness companies in all product categories. The company’s consulting services are ideal for spas and resorts seeking to integrate CBD into their offerings.

Additionally, Collier Concepts works with vendor partners looking to channel opportunities in the spa, wellness, and hospitality sectors.

Other areas of consulting focus include:

  • Product testing
  • Experiential education
  • Sustainability
  • CBD event planning

The cannabis wellness industry is booming and Collier Concepts is very effective at helping companies reach their full potential.

A Special Offer for Collier Concepts Partners

Green Flower is proud to team up with Collier Concepts and will be offering its partners a special discount on our certificate programs.

Green Flower currently offers the following certificate programs:

  • Fundamentals
  • Medical
  • Cultivation
  • Patient Care
  • Compliance & Regulations
  • Sell-SMaRTTM
  • And more on the way!

Each of our certificate tracks is comprised of engaging videos, quizzes to test your knowledge, valuable written educational materials, and a private forum to communicate with other program participants.

Green Flower is your opportunity to learn from the top minds in cannabis.

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Trusted by top universities, utilized by companies around the world, and endorsed by the leaders shaping the modern cannabis industry, Green Flower courses are the gold standard in cannabis education and training.

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