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Crucial Compliance in the Cannabis Industry

It’s imperative that cannabis business leaders possess an in-depth understanding of cannabis industry compliance if they hope to succeed in the highly regulated industry.

In the video below, Flow Hub CEO Kyle Sherman speaks about the importance of playing by the rules in the cannabis industry.

Flowhub is an intuitive point of sale software used by leading cannabis dispensaries. It’s the original metric integration partner, processing $1B+ in sales annually.

“You’d think we were tracking uranium,” Sherman says about cannabis compliance. The cannabis industry is under a massive microscope right now, with every phase of a cannabis plant’s life being tracked and monitored from seed to sale. One misstep could mean the difference between a company being around for the long haul or having to shut down operations.

If you operate a business in the cannabis space, like it or not, your company is under a microscope. Leading by example and keeping your business safe means understanding and adhering to the code of conduct that governs commercial cannabis.

If you want to learn more about cannabis industry compliance and how to keep your business operating in this highly regulated industry, Green Flower can help.

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