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Does Using Cannabis Lower Your IQ?

Does cannabis make you stupid?

The portrayal of cannabis consumers in film, television, and mainstream media has helped perpetuate myths, unfair stigmas and ridicule for decades.

One of the biggest myths is that cannabis reduces a person’s intelligence.

Unfortunately, many members of society still believe consuming cannabis will make you dumb.

Are there people with low IQ’s who consume cannabis? Sure. But not at a higher rate than anything else consumed by Americans.

What cannabis opponents want you to believe

One of the first points in any presentation by a cannabis opponent almost always includes something about cannabis’ ‘negative impact on the brain.’

But does cannabis consumption actually cause a person’s IQ to diminish?

Opponents often point to this study from 2012 which concluded that cannabis use during adolescents lowers IQ.

This study has long since been debunked, mainly because it didn’t look at all the other factors that may have contributed to lower IQ’s. One element present doesn’t automatically indicate causation.

Earlier this year, the most comprehensive study to date was released. The study looked at twins, one who consumed cannabis and one who didn’t.

In addition to having two similar subjects, the study also calculated for other contributing factors that may affect IQ levels.

After taking these environmental factors into account, the scientists concluded there was no link between cannabis use and a lower IQ.

What do other studies say about cannabis use and the brain?

A study from 2005, conducted by University of Saskatchewan, found that cannabis can actually help grow brain cells.

Another study conducted at the Hebrew University in Israel concluded that cannabis was found to protect mice from brain injuries.

And recently, this study looked at patients suffering from intracerebral hemorrhaging (ICH), often referred to as ‘bleeding in the brain.’ Researchers concluded cannabis users displayed less unfavorable symptoms and had less disability at discharge compared to non-users.

Many examples from society

As much as opponents of cannabis try to stereotype cannabis users as being dumb lazy stoners, the truth is that some of the world’s most productive people use cannabis in a responsible way to stay happy and healthy.

There are countless successful business executives, politicians, attorneys, doctors and entrepreneurs who consume cannabis.

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