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Expert Profile: Angela Lucas

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Meet Angela Lucas, our subject matter expert overseeing all aspects of the content, script design, and production of the new Green Flower course — Banking Your Business: What Every Cannabis Operator Needs To Know.

Angela Lucas is a former federal bank regulator and seasoned consultant. Her knowledge of regulatory compliance, risk management, and investment advisory services has established her reputation as a leading resource within the financial consulting industry, spanning consumer protection and anti-money laundering statutes, fraud, and cannabis banking issues. 

As Chief Risk Officer of Integrated Compliance Solutions, Angela has continued the firm’s mission of bringing its complete SEED-TO-BANK™ solution to financial institutions and cannabis-related businesses throughout the United States and has expanded the firm’s industry engagement as a well-respected authority on the regulatory and compliance issues surrounding cannabis banking, while creating a culture of risk awareness and mitigation within the organization.

“My career has largely been in regulatory compliance and banking, working with federally regulated institutions to establish sound infrastructure across a multitude of risks,” Angela said. 

“For years I’ve worked with banks to create their cannabis banking programs and kept my finger on the pulse of the regulatory and compliance issues that the banks face in serving the cannabis space. Compliance is a two-way street and the banks are only as successful as their cannabis operator customers.

“In an effort to bring these two worlds together, I wanted to help create a course that would provide an even playing field: to help the operators understand the environment in which banks operate, how the banks are able to take on cannabis operators as customers, and the respective requirements that must be addressed to ensure success on both sides of the table. Whether an operator is looking for banking, feels that its business is underbanked or is looking for the ‘why’ behind banking requirements, this course has been designed to provide the answers and establish a mechanism to further banking services in the cannabis industry.”

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