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Expert Profile: Dyanne Parnel

by Staff

As we announce our new course, Understanding Quality: Management Principles and Systems, we wish to thank and acknowledge the role played by our subject matter experts (SMEs), who are instrumental in bringing our courses to life. This week, please meet, our SME, Dyanne Parnel, Founder, and President of Standard Practices, LLC.

Dyanne has been involved with the course from the start. From initially outlining concepts to providing content, and refining the script and course flow, Dyanne has worked closely with the Green Flower team to bring you this fast-paced, impactful crash course with the objective of defining why a sound Quality Management System is for the safety, consistency, and high-quality products in the cannabis industry.

Dyanne’s expertise lies in food and product safety integration, regulatory compliance (food and beverage, dietary supplements, and cannabis), sanitary design engineering, and facility chemical sanitation. Industries that she has worked in include; food and beverage, bakery products, RTE products, bottled beverages, meat and poultry, high-pressure processing, dairy, produce, 3PL and distribution, agricultural and horticulture, fresh fruit, frozen and fresh product bases, packaging materials and cannabis and cannabis containing products. In addition to being the owner and founder of Standard Practices, LLC, Dyanne is also the Director of Sanitation & Hygiene at Lamb Weston, Interim Consulting Director for FOCUS, on the Advisory Committee for American Hemp Manufacturing, and a panelist for the Women’s Investor Network. 

“I believe that we set the standard for quality excellence and that we do it because it is the right thing to do; and not wait until we’re told to,” said Dyanne.

“Cannabis is becoming a more prevalent consumer product and this means that companies need to have solid quality and product safety programs aimed at reducing risk from ‘seed to sale’ and optimizing consumer confidence, brand loyalty, and product consistency. This is why it is absolutely imperative for cannabis companies, regardless of which phase of the process they’re in, to focus on the prevention of hazards that could cause injury or harm to consumers and to emphasize training, education, and support of programs aimed at keeping the product, and consumer, safe.”

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