Focus On The Future: Episode 1 Rewind

by Staff

Protecting consumers and employees is always at the forefront of an operator’s mind. In this episode of Focus on the Future, Green Flower Social Media Manager Allie Everdeen discusses product safety with Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, Creator of dreamt, the award-winning cannabis oil vape pen formulated specifically for sleep. Carolina pulls from her extensive background in food safety and consumer-packaged goods to share her insights on the steps operators must take to prevent issues and examine the ways in which standardization will shape the cannabis industry in the years to come.

Carolina Vazquez Mitchell
is the Creator of dreamt, the cannabis sleep aid Vice called “one of the year’s most helpful innovations.” She created the formula to treat her insomnia during her chemistry PhD studies at the University of Southern California. Vazquez Mitchell has developed more than 50 cannabis products, ran a cannabis testing lab, and was named one of Dope Magazine’s Outstanding Women in Cannabis.

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