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Why Information Security is Extremely Important in the Cannabis Industry

One of the most sought after things on earth right now is personal data. Many people don’t realize it, but good and bad actors across the globe are mining for personal data on a daily basis.

When a company does it for noble data analysis purposes, such a practice is benign. And unfortunately, there are many people doing it for nefarious purposes such as identity theft.

Because of that, it is vital that all cannabis companies do their part to protect customer’s personal data. But exactly how is that achieved?

Data protection requirements vary by state

Despite the importance of consumer data protection, there is no one-size-fits-all public policy. Each state has its own approach for consumer data protection. The federal government has no such law.

The federal government takes a piecemeal approach to data protection. Federal laws like HIPAA (protects medical info) and the DPPA (protects DMV info) help, but more is needed.

Those two pieces of federal policy help guide the cannabis industry to some extent, but since cannabis is still federally illegal, there’s no federal policy for data privacy specific to the cannabis industry.

That can make it very difficult for cannabis companies who accumulate a lot of data as a part of carrying out their business functions, such as a medical cannabis clinic or dispensary.

The state of Oregon passed a law in 2017 that banned data collection with an order that any information collected by vendors be destroyed within 30 days.

With so many layers of confusing compliance requirements and/or areas that are void of guidance, how can cannabis companies ensure that they are doing things the right way?

ezGreen is here to help

ezGreen has over 10 years of experience in the cannabis space and has formed a team of extraordinary data security experts geared towards helping cannabis companies.

The company has created a point-of-sale software designed specifically for the cannabis industry to ensure that medical professionals are HIPAA-compliant.

In addition to working with medical professionals, ezGreen’s point-of-sale software can also be used for all types of dispensary products, from flower to clones to cartridges.

A cannabis company that performs transactions involving personal information must have a solid information security strategy.

An information security strategy is only as good as the electronic data protections that it has in place.

It only takes one data breach for a cannabis company to lose its credibility, and in many cases, just one data breach is enough for a company to face civil and criminal penalties.

The benefits of working with ezGreen

Below are some of the many benefits of working with ezGreen:

  • 17 Years of Application Maturity
  • Thousands of Current Dispensing Clients
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  • 24 Hour Security Monitoring
  • Robust Legal Infrastructure
  • Highly Scalable Platform
  • Extremely Customizable

If you are looking to start a cannabis company that needs help with data security, make sure to contact ezGreen asap to ensure that you start with a solid strategy.

Likewise, if you already have a cannabis company and your information security plan is lacking or the company you are working with is not getting the job done, contact ezGreen!

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