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It is Vital for the Cannabis Industry to Have a Voice in Washington D.C.

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In order for the cannabis industry to reach its full potential federal cannabis policy needs to change.

Because cannabis is a Schedule I controlled substance cannabis businesses face issues with getting access to financial services, are taxed at a much higher rate due to Section 280E of the IRS tax code, and always face the potential of federal prosecution.

It is vital for the cannabis industry to have a strong voice in Washington D.C. in order to keep the pressure on members of Congress to move cannabis policy forward, not backward.

That is why the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) is so important and why Green Flower Media is a proud member of the organization.

NCIA is holding its 8th annual cannabis industry lobby days in Washington D.C. later this month and the effort is as important now as ever before.

What is NCIA Cannabis Industry Lobby Days?

For the past seven years, NCIA has organized cannabis industry leaders and gathered them in Washington D.C. to lobby lawmakers.

The effort has grown in size over the years to the point that last year there was a small army of industry members that descended on Capitol Hill.

While the amount of participants has grown over the years the goal has been the same throughout – to put faces to the cannabis industry and let federal lawmakers hear about the important issues that the cannabis industry is dealing with.

It’s a very powerful event, with members of the cannabis industry from all over the country lobbying members of Congress at the same time in a concerted effort to urge them all to reform harmful federal cannabis policies.

Why should people attend NCIA Lobby Days?

Federal cannabis policies are not going to reform themselves. It is going to take enough members of Congress getting on the right side of history and passing comprehensive legislation.

A number of bills have been introduced this session that would help the cannabis industry and cannabis consumers, and members of Congress need to know exactly why they should support them.

Momentum for cannabis reform is at an all-time high, but there are still a lot of members of Congress that are on the fence.

By setting up meetings with Representatives and Senators from all over the nation at the same time, members of the cannabis industry can draw a tremendous amount of attention to 280E reform, banking reform, and other important issues.

Members of Congress are much more likely to get on board with an issue when they know that there’s a lot of momentum behind it, and NCIA Lobby Days are the perfect opportunity to bring that momentum to federal lawmakers’ attention.

When is NCIA Lobby Days, and how do people sign up?

Below are details about NCIA Lobby Days:

  • When: May 21-23, 2018
  • Where: Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.
  • Registration: You must be an NCIA member (join here) then you can register (registration link here)
  • Who should attend: All members of the cannabis industry that wish to see federal cannabis policies reformed
  • Schedule: You can see the event schedule and more information at the NCIA Lobby Days webpage

The cannabis industry is at a crossroads right now. Industry members can sit back and do nothing and the status quo can be maintained, or they can step up and push industry reform efforts over the top.

All of the Green Flower Media team urges cannabis industry members to do the latter. Get active and do your part and help push the industry forward!

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