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Green Flower Partners with the National Association of Cannabis Businesses

Green Flower Media is proud to announce that we have partnered with the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB).

This partnership impacts the cannabis community by providing high-quality cannabis education that can change careers and lives.

Both organizations share a common goal of seeking to remove the stereotypes and knowledge gaps that prevent the cannabis industry from growing, and are highly inspired to work alongside each other.

“Green Flower is excited to partner with a group as passionate and dedicated as NACB,” Green Flower CEO Max Simon said.“Without great people guiding this industry forward, and best-in-class education, businesses are destined to struggle in this space. We’re really looking forward to making an impact together.”

Adrienne Uthe, NACB’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales, shares that sentiment.

“The NACB and Green Flower are both dedicated to consumer education and industry safety,” Uthe said. “We’re teaming up to offer the cannabis industry the best of both worlds – education and association credibility.”

The cannabis industry is at a crossroads

This is one of the most exciting times for cannabis in modern history. Momentum for cannabis reform is at an all-time high across the globe, and the walls of cannabis prohibition are falling.

The cannabis industry is still young by most standards. Cannabis laws, rules, and regulations are constantly evolving, one of the many reasons why the Green Flower/NACB partnership is so important.

With the emerging legal cannabis industry growing so rapidly, it’s hard for job candidates, employees, and entrepreneurs to keep up.

By joining forces to provide world-class education and reputable credibility, Green Flower and NACB are tackling some of the industry’s greatest challenges head-on.

Moving the industry forward

An educated cannabis industry and community are vital to the future success of the cannabis movement.

Cannabis industry workers require a depth of quality education to be effective in their careers, be good stewards of the plant, and to make the most of opportunities that this blossoming industry provides.

Consumers need to be educated as to which cannabis entities they can support and trust, so as to better approach the industry with a full knowledge, and to ensure their hard-earned dollars are well-spent.

Entrepreneurs need to learn about the latest and most accurate cannabis information so that they can continue to push the industry forward through innovation and knowledge.

Helping educate the cannabis community is at the heart of the Green Flower mission, a passion Green Flower shares that with NACB.

“Our members are the cannabis industry, and they’re in the right place to advocate for responsible, safe and ethical cannabis use and practices,” Uthe said. “By working together to educate our networks and the wider public about the facts, we can move this industry forward in a safe and compliant way.”

Green Flower is committed to supporting the NACB in its efforts to educate consumers, members, and lawmakers and will be providing members of the NACB special discounts for our quality trusted cannabis education.

Also, Green Flower readers can receive a significant discount on their membership fee when they join NACB by using the discount code ‘NACB20’.

We are thrilled about this partnership, and look forward to making an impact together!

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