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5 Reasons to Share Green Flower & Help Spread Trusted Cannabis Knowledge

by Max Simon

Hey there and welcome to Green Flower — the world’s largest video platform for trusted cannabis knowledge.

Let’s face it, most people don’t know very much about this plant, how it really works, or why it’s actually something that we should embrace and value in our society.

This is where Green Flower comes in with trusted video content sourced from the world’s leading experts to answer your biggest questions about cannabis.

And because cannabis is such an important issue in our society today, here are 6 reasons why we should consider sharing Green Flower with your friends, family, and networks:

#1) Most people don’t know anything about their endocannabinoid system, which is why there’s so much disease, sickness, and anxiety in the world.

In essence, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is present in all humans and animals. Its role is to help balance almost every metabolic process in the body – everything from fertility to emotion to sensitivity to pain, bone growth, eye pressure, and so much more.

When something goes wrong with this system, it’s at the expense of our health.

Cannabis just happens to be one of nature’s best supplements for the ECS. In fact, it’s what led to the initial discovery of the ECS.

However, you can’t take care of your ECS if neither you nor your doctor know nothing about it. That goes for everybody.

#2) Most people are totally unaware of how much science, research, and expert-led information is supporting cannabis today.

If you visit PubMed.gov – the U.S. government’s repository for all scientifically-reviewed literature – and do a search for “marijuana”, you will find over 27,600 studies.

Just to give you a little context, a similar search for “ibuprofen” yields more than 13,200 hits. “Ritalin” pulls up a little over 8,500 results.

In other words, we have more scientific data on cannabis than these other two drugs combined.

And while popular products like ibuprofen are responsible for approximately 300 deaths in the U.S. every year (due to liver failure), cannabis maintains an excellent safety profile with zero recorded deaths – and humans have been using it for thousands of years.

#3) Many people are suffering from various different ailments and health conditions where cannabis could be life-changing.

Millions are finding relief with cannabis for (insert almost any condition here), and wouldn’t you want to know if cannabis could truly help someone close to you?

Green Flower is where you can bring the world’s top experts right to you, answering your biggest questions and allowing you and other people to make informed decisions about this plant – for the sake of optimized health and a better quality of life.

#4) With so many places around the world legalizing, we need fair, sensible, and supportive regulations which only comes from proper education and not fear or ignorance.

Cannabis legalization has gained incredible momentum. It’s happening.

However, most people still don’t know how cannabis really works.

They’re misinformed, and so we are still seeing a lot of new laws and regulations that are extremely limiting.

How do we address this challenge?

Green Flower is literally the ultimate tool for people to learn how cannabis actually works, so that they can make informed decisions and regulate the industry in the most effective way.

#5) There are still so many fears, stigmas, and outdated beliefs about cannabis even though the research has proven how safe and beneficial it can be for our society.

For more than 80 years, the people we trusted most told us that cannabis was bad, a menace to be avoided at all costs.

Thankfully, more people are realizing that’s just not true.

However, countless others remain in the grip of this harmful stigma and fear toward cannabis. It’s the only perspective on this plant they’ve ever known – fear. And that has prevented them from opening up and getting curious about it.

Green Flower is your tool to help people address those fears and spread the truth.

Next Steps…

A.) Please share Green Flower on your social media channels or email people directly – anywhere where you think it could add value.

B.) If you’re an organization, influencer, non-profit, government, or media channel that would like to share Green Flower with your followers and communities, please contact us to discuss how we can collaborate: partners@greenflowermedia.com.

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