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The Cannabis Industry is Keeping Highways Clean in Colorado

When the cannabis community comes together to tackle a task, the community has the ability to move mountains.

The cannabis community was established and increased in size over the years out of a need to battle cannabis prohibition.

Cannabis community members include expert organizers, lobbyists, and innovators that possess skill sets ideal for addressing other issues as well.

One ongoing need is to reduce litter on highways, which is something that Colorado’s cannabis industry is working on, setting a great example for other cannabis players.

Half of all Adopt-a-Highway participants in Colorado are cannabis industry members

According to enrollment numbers, about half of all Adopt-a-Highway program participants in Colorado are cannabis companies.

The Colorado Department of Transportation estimates that highway litter cleanup costs the state millions of dollars annually.

Any help that the state of Colorado can get from its community is not only good for the Department of Transportation, it’s good for all Coloradoans who benefit from the savings.

The Colorado companies that adopt a highway are expected to participate in a safety training program and clean up a 2 mile stretch of highway 4 times a year.

In exchange, the participants, including cannabis companies, get a sign along the highway with their name on it.

It’s a great way for the cannabis company to get eyeballs to their company name while at the same time giving back to the community. Everyone wins.

Unfortunately, not all cannabis community members can adopt a highway in the U.S.

Colorado’s Adopt-a-Highway program embraces the cannabis community, but that is not the case in other states.

In May of 2017 the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation denied an application from a pro-cannabis festival organizer.

Another group in Kansas had their application denied because the Kansas Department of Transportation pointed out that cannabis is illegal in the state.

It’s unfortunate that states would rather have highways go unadopted than let them be cleaned up by a cannabis entity.

As time goes by the Green Flower team is hopeful that the stigma will subside and the community can do its part to make highways across the country as clean and beautiful as they are in Colorado.

What are other ways that cannabis companies can help their communities?

Below are other ways that cannabis companies can help improve their communities:

  • Start a community garden
  • Organize a canned food drive
  • Volunteer at senior centers and other community centers
  • Accept donations for community causes
  • Host events that accept proceeds which benefit community causes
  • Donate directly to worthy community causes

Members of the cannabis community need to be good stewards of the plant which includes helping to improve the image of the plant and reduce the stigma involved with it.

By doing good things in their communities cannabis advocates and industry members can help show the world that we are here to help and can have a positive, significant impact if given the chance.

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