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The Fastest Growing Demographic for Cannabis is Seniors – Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing

Did you know cannabis can help ease many common ailments that come with age?

Many senior citizens would benefit greatly from using cannabis, and historically they have been the most likely group of voters to OPPOSE cannabis.

If you look at polling related to cannabis, the senior citizen demographic almost always shows the lowest level of support among adults.

That is not a coincidence.

Sure plenty of seniors benefit from cannabis today. However, this is also the same demographic that was taught for many decades that cannabis use was bad, with no exceptions.

It wasn’t until recently that the truth about cannabis spread with the rise of independent media outlets and social media platforms that have helped activists push the message of reform.

Record number of seniors now use and support cannabis

Are there any seniors in your life who might enjoy the benefits of cannabis?

Many cannabis supporters suggest that if senior citizens would give cannabis a try, they would be more likely to support reform.

Polling shows they may be right:

  • A poll, the results of which were covered by CBS, found that ‘usage among adults 65 and older is up 250 percent, while adults 50-65 have also increased usage nearly 58 percent.’
  • In 2003-2005, only 29 percent of people over the age of 55 expressed support for legalization. In 2016, that number had jumped to 45%.
  • In 1969 only 4 percent of Americans over the age of 65 supported ending cannabis prohibition. By 2015, that number was up to 35%.

When older people try cannabis, they begin to realize that not only are the wellness benefits numerous, but also cannabis prohibition is based on lies.

As more older Americans try cannabis for the first time, or come back to using cannabis after a long layoff, expect growing support for cannabis reform to continue among older Americans.

How is cannabis beneficial to older people?

One of the most common health conditions that older people deal with is arthritis and cannabis can be very effective for treating arthritis..

Many forms of cannabis, especially topical cannabis products, can do wonders for seniors who suffer from the condition.

Another condition that seniors often have to deal with as they age revolves around problems sleeping.

Cannabis is very helpful in helping people fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Studies have also shown that cannabis can help protect and heal the brain from the effects of aging, which is something everybody can benefit from as they get older.

Increased cannabis use by seniors benefits all members of society

One of my favorite cannabis community members is Robert ‘Bobby Tuna’ Platshorn. Mr. Platshorn runs ‘The Silver Tour‘ which seeks to educate seniors on the benefits of cannabis.

Robert Platshorn, a senior citizen himself, always points out that cannabis can help seniors reduce their use of pharmaceutical drugs.

I have heard him talk several times about how he used to be on 12 prescriptions and that cannabis helped him replace half of them. Mr. Platshorn’s is not the only senior to do so according to data.

A recent study found that states that had legalized medical cannabis saw prescription costs for Medicare patients drop, which is a trend that benefits everyone, not just seniors!

Should you encourage senior citizens to try cannabis?

If you have senior citizens in your life, you may want to suggest that they give cannabis a try if they live where it’s legal.

This can be a sensitive subject for many seniors, who were likely raised being exposed to enormous amounts of anti-cannabis propaganda. Below are tips for approaching the subject with seniors:

  • Provide information about how cannabis prohibition began (racist origins).
  • Share senior citizen usage and support polling data with them.
  • Show them peer-reviewed studies dealing with the medical benefits of cannabis.
  • Anticipate any common arguments or concerns about cannabis and be prepared.
  • Encourage them to talk to other seniors about it, because chances are they already know someone that uses cannabis.

Do not be overbearing when it comes to cannabis.

Having a scholarly discussion with a senior citizen is one thing, badgering them is another and will likely turn them off to cannabis.

Always be open with them and offer to answer any questions they may have and offer to provide them with learning materials.

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