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The Volcano Vaporizer Has Stood the Test of Time

Many cannabis consumers are choosing to vaporize cannabis versus smoking it, and for good reason.

Vaporizing cannabis has been found to be healthier and more beneficial compared to smoking cannabis.

Popularity for vaporizing cannabis has been increasing in the last twenty years and the market for vaporizing devices has been flooded with products from aspiring inventors.

So many vaporizer devices exist now that it can be a daunting task to determine which ones are worthwhile and which ones are just glorified junk.

One vaporizer has stood out in the crowd for many years and the strong reputation for the device is well deserved.

What is a Volcano vaporizer?

The Volcano vaporizer is considered by many to be the best vaporizer on the planet. It is made by Storz & Bickel and it first debuted for consumers to purchase in 2000.

Consumers in the United States had to wait until 2003 in order to purchase the device because a model had to be built that operated at 110v.

By the time the device had reached the U.S., it was already extremely popular.

It is very rare that a device gets that level of notoriety, especially considering how limited social media and web advertising was back then.

Many imitation devices have been introduced to the market to try to duplicate Storz & Bickel’s success, but virtually all have missed the mark.

The Volcano vaporizer is the vaporizer that all others are measured against, and that has been the case for nearly 20 years.

What makes the Volcano vaporizer so superior?

Arguably the biggest reason why the Volcano vaporizer is considered to be the best and so popular among consumers is because of how easy it is to use.

The device warms up quickly, and with the bag attachments filling up the bag and applying the mouthpiece as simple as it gets.

Rather than having to put a thumb over a hose or mouthpiece, or watch vapor pour out of a tube in wasteful fashion, Volcano users just have to press the mouthpiece to their lips and inhale.

Volcano vaporizer bags hold in the vapor in between doses, making it the ideal device to consume cannabis with friends or just taking your time via a solo session.

When the bags get too sticky all the user has to do is snap off the attachment and replace the old bag with a new one.

I have used many devices that use bags that gum up really fast, are nearly impossible to clean out, and are far more expensive than Volcano bags.

Durability is a major selling point for the Volcano vaporizer

One common knock on the Volcano vaporizer is the price tag, which is admittedly higher than most Volcano competitors.

Volcanos come with a 3-year warranty, whereas most cheaper knock-offs only come with a 1-year warranty.

I have personally owned many vaporizers that cost 1/3rd of what the Volcano does and almost all of them broke within the first year of ownership.

My Volcano has lasted well over 3 years without issue, and I guarantee I have used it more than most!

Which would you rather have – 3 broken cheap vaporizers that are hard to use and require expensive bag replacements, or a rock-solid vaporizer that is extremely easy to use? The choice is clear.

Volcano Vaporizers help save you money over time

Volcano vaporizers may cost more in the short term, but they also help save consumers a lot of money in the long run.

Because the device is so efficient at turning cannabis into vapor consumers use less than they would be compared to using other devices.

The Volcano also has a number of attachments, reducing the need to purchase separate gear for consuming concentrates.

Vaporized cannabis remains can also be used to make edibles, which provides a second life for the cannabis consumers use in their Volcanos.

As previously mentioned, the savings on vaporizer bags when using a Volcano instead of another device is substantial over the long-haul.

Consumers also benefit from cleaner bags which translates to less frustration over trying to get a vaporizer bag to fill up. Sticky bags result in a lot of lost vapor that can’t make it into the bag.

The Volcano is worth every penny

Obviously, the Volcano vaporizer is not in everyone’s price range. For some consumers, they just don’t have the funds to purchase it, even if they recognize that the device is superior.

But if you want to purchase one of the best vaporizer devices on the planet and you can afford it, the Volcano is worth every penny.

The ease of use, durability, and cost savings that come over time are definitely worth it, and the consumer experience is absolutely worth it.

I often describe my Volcano as the luxury car of the vaporizer industry, and every time I show people why via a session they always end up agreeing with me.

The Volcano has been a cannabis industry leader for 18 years and is still going strong. How many other cannabis-related products can say that? Clearly, there is a reason for it!

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