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These Dads Say Cannabis Helps Them to be Better Fathers

Father’s Day is Sunday and we here at Green Flower wanted to take a moment to thank responsible cannadads everywhere.

A Cannadad is a responsible father that consumes cannabis. Being a cannabis consuming dad is not easy and can involve a lot of risks.

But just because someone consumes cannabis does not automatically make them a bad parent.

In fact, cannabis can help many dads be better fathers to their children in several ways.

How does cannabis help dads be better fathers?

Responsible cannabis consumption can help fathers in the following ways:

  • Increased patience
  • Helps dads deal with stress and relax
  • Increased focus
  • Stronger desire to seek adventure
  • Increased creativity

Those are just a handful of ways that cannabis can help dads be better fathers. Cannabis provides a number of wellness benefits, all of which help dads.

Every dad that consumes cannabis in a responsible way helps to shatter stereotypes and contributes to the effort to reduce the stigma surrounding cannabis and parenthood.

Balancing responsibility and education

For many fathers, cannabis is used entirely for medical purposes.

A healthier father is a better father and just as many dads use various other medicines, cannabis is an important option as well.

In decades past many dads refrained from consuming cannabis to try to treat their conditions and turned to much more harmful substances. Some went without medicine altogether out of fear of prosecution.

Part of being a responsible cannabis consuming father is to make sure to educate the next generation.

That’s not to be confused with glorifying cannabis, which is how some opponents falsely categorize it.

Dads need to be objective in talking about cannabis with their kids to help ensure that they treat cannabis seriously and don’t fall into the reefer madness traps of the past.

Retired hockey legend Riley Cote hits it on the head. “Pass the truth to the next generation. Teach them early what we learn late,” Cote said to Green Flower.

Examples of successful Cannadads

For many years cannabis consuming dads were portrayed as lazy burnouts who were deficient as fathers and unsuccessful in life.

An ever-increasing amount of fathers are coming out as proud cannabis consumers and changing perceptions in the process.

“Cannabis makes me a better father because I sleep better and feel more relaxed and attentive when I am with my children.” says retired UFC Legend Frank “The Legend” Shamrock.

Shamrock is a glowing example of a successful cannabis consuming fathers. The cannabis industry has many examples too.

“Cannabis helps me be more patient with my children, and more importantly, it allows me to get into the child’s mind and really engage with my kids when they want to play princess, house, or any other game they are imagining,” says VapeXhale founder Seibo Shen.

“It is important to spend time with your children, and for me, cannabis makes it high-quality time,” he went on to say.

420 Games and New West Summit founder Jim McAlpine, another successful cannabis entrepreneur, agrees with other Cannadads. “Cannabis has helped me become a better father,” he says.

“It’s helped me be more engaged with my children. Rather than pouring a drink and wanting to tune out after work, I can use some cannabis and be excited to play with my children.”

Do you have any comments you’d like to share about fatherhood and cannabis? Join the conversation in the comment section below!

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