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This Week in Cannabis: 2019 is Heating Up Fast!

We are just a few days into 2019, and the cannabis community and industry are already seeing fireworks.

2019 is likely to be the biggest year for cannabis to date, as proven by the news highlights from the last week:

2019 has already seen a flood of cannabis bills introduced

What happened: According to Marijuana Moment’s Legislative Tracking Tools, there were over 900 cannabis bills introduced in state legislatures and in Congress in 2018.

In 2019, more than 100 bills have already been introduced!

Why it matters: To date, only one state has legalized cannabis by legislative action (Vermont). What’s more, cannabis measures in Congress have been blocked for years. This year things are likely to erupt as indicated by the initial flurry of cannabis bills.

Idaho advocates pushing for medical cannabis in 2020

What happened: Cannabis advocates in Idaho are pushing for a medical cannabis initiative to be placed on the ballot in 2020.

In order to make the ballot, advocates will have to collect 55,057 valid signatures, with district requirements of at least 6 percent of registered voters in 18 of the state’s 35 legislative districts.

Why it mattersIdaho is quite possibly the harshest state in the nation when it comes to cannabis. It’s the only state to have ever vetoed a CBD-only bill, and it is illegal to have cannabis in your system within the state’s borders.

A win in Idaho would be a huge nail in the coffin for prohibition in the U.S., and as such, advocates everywhere need to do what they can to support efforts there.

Study finds that cannabis use is associated with lower body mass index

What happened: Results for a study that looked at body mass index and cannabis use were released this week.

The study concluded that ‘cannabis use is associated with lower BMI, and lower BMI is related to lower levels of risk on other cardiometabolic risk factors.’

Why it matters: Cannabis users have historically been portrayed as being lazy, unmotivated, and/or unhealthy. This study is further proof that cannabis can be a part of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Oregon will consider allowing cannabis exports

What happened: A bill is all but certain to be introduced in Oregon that would legalize cannabis exports, at least on Oregon’s side of the equation.

Other states would have to legalize imports, and the federal government would obviously have its views about the reform, but the bill has a real chance of passing in Oregon.

Why it matters: If Oregon becomes the first state to pass a measure like this one, other legal states would likely follow suit, just as they did when Oregon became the first state to decriminalize cannabis.

The thought of the federal government allowing cannabis to be exported across state lines may sound like a radical, far-fetched idea, but then again so did decriminalization at one point in time.

Study finds that CBD counteracts pain-relieving effects of THC

What happened: The results of a study were released this week in which researchers looked at the relationship between CBD and THC for pain relief.

The study found that ‘THC caused a significant increase in pressure pain threshold’ but that CBD  ‘diminished THC-induced analgesic effects.’

Why it matters: CBD gets a lot of attention these days, and rightfully so. And in the case of pain relief, this article reminds us that we may want to lean toward the analgesic effects of THC-rich cannabis. The study also shows us we still have a lot to learn about CBD-THC interactions and getting the most benefits from cannabis as a pain reliever.

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