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Tips for Having Good Manners When Consuming Cannabis

According to a recent poll conducted by CBS News roughly half of all Americans have tried cannabis at least once in their lives. That is a fairly significant increase compared to years past.

The poll results need to be taken with a grain of salt, as many veteran pollsters have indicated that it may not be that people are trying cannabis for the first time as much as people are now more willing to admit to cannabis use.

With cannabis reform sweeping across the country, and the globe for that matter, the stigma that surrounds the cannabis plant and those that use it is slowly lifting.

Regardless of what is truly behind the encouraging poll numbers, the fact is that cannabis is being consumed by more and more people for the first time.

How many is anyone’s guess, but the need for information about proper cannabis etiquette is definitely growing alongside the growing momentum for liberating the cannabis plant.

Whether you are new to cannabis, or have been consuming cannabis for many years, it’s important for people to have good manners when they are consuming with or around other people. Below are some ideas we came up with here at Green Flower.

Don’t consume without permission

Statistically speaking, if you visit someone’s home the homeowner/renter is likely to be in support of people being allowed to legally use cannabis.

However, that does not necessarily mean that they want their house to smell like burnt cannabis flower. The odor from burnt cannabis can linger for a long time, so be mindful of that fact and always ask for permission before consuming in someone else’s place.

‘Corner’ your bowls

When you are the first to start a fresh bowl of cannabis, but are consuming with other people, there is no need to apply the flame to the entire top surface of the bowl.

You can get just as fantastic of a dose if you only apply the flame to the outer edge of the bowl, a concept known as ‘cornering.’ By doing so you will ensure that the next person experiences the same level of flavor as you.

Let the guest partake first

I have read articles on proper cannabis etiquette, and virtually all of them say that whoever supplied the cannabis gets to be the first to partake in a freshly rolled joint, or packed bowl, etc..

I respectfully disagree. I have always operated on the long-standing cannabis social norm that the guest gets to take the first toke. Otherwise you are basically just inviting people to come over and watch you consume your cannabis, which seems a bit rude!

If you are feeling under the weather, be forthcoming

Consuming cannabis with other people is not the most hygienic activity when you really think about it. Even if you minimize your contact with a joint or consumption device, you are still spreading germs.

If you are not feeling well, always tell the people you are consuming cannabis with prior to joining the session. That way precautions can be taken, such as using a separate device.

I know that many people feel peer-pressured into consuming and/or really want to partake, but doing so at the expense of others’ health is not OK. Cannabis should be used to increase wellness, not spread sickness.

Keep your gear clean

I am absolutely the guiltiest person I know when it comes to this particular area of having good cannabis manners.

To be fair, I rarely invite people over to my place to consume and they know ahead of time that I am not on top of cleaning my devices, but that still doesn’t make it OK.

If you consume with others regularly, make sure to clean your devices often. In doing so you maximize the flavor of what you are consuming and help ensure that guests have a pleasurable experience.

Do not pass along ‘cashed’ bowls

If you just took a pull from a device and it tasted awful, don’t just pass it to the next person to make the problem their problem.

This of course needs to be balanced with the fact that some people will consider used cannabis to ‘still have something in there.’

By giving the person the courtesy of a ‘I think that is done, but I will let you decide for yourself’ statement indemnifies you from the situation and is always recommended!

Be mindful of other people’s tolerance level

A number of times in my cannabis consuming experience I have seen someone consume too much and have a very bad experience.

To make matters worse, the person needed to be helped quite a bit until the cannabis wore off, which was not pleasurable for others in the session.

If you are consuming with a newbie, or someone who may not seem sure of their tolerance level, always start low and slow. In doing so you will ensure that the person has a good experience, and that you won’t have any babysitting duties to take care of.

Be mindful of your tolerance level

Just as you need to be mindful of others’ tolerance level, you also need to be mindful of your own. You may think that you are the big time smoker champion of the world, but if you are incorrect, you won’t find out until it’s too late.

No one on this planet has consumed every strain and form of cannabis that is out there, so everyone needs to be mindful of their own tolerance level.

This is especially true with edibles. Don’t bite of more than you can chew as the saying goes.

It’s OK to offer, but not to peer pressure

Peer pressuring others into consuming cannabis is never OK to do. If someone does not want to consume cannabis, even in a legal state, that is their choice and it needs to be respected 100%.

However, that needs to be balanced with being a good host. As I always tell people when they come to my house, I don’t want to be seen as pressuring anyone into consuming, but I also don’t want to be seen as being stingy!

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