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How Empowering Your Team With Proper Cannabis Knowledge Can Make Your Business Exponentially More Successful

by Max Simon

Most cannabis companies today have 3 big problems.

  1. Employees have huge gaps in their cannabis knowledge, leading to costly mistakes in the business and poor customer service.
  2. High turnover rates are also a factor, causing you to lose your best people when they see greater opportunities for growth with your competitors.
  1. Your products and services don’t stand out amongst the sea of other offerings in the market.

The consequences of these challenges are popping up all over the industry in different ways:

  • Massive cannabis grows contaminated and off-line for months
  • Dispensaries shut down over compliance issues
  • Producers struggling to optimize their processes
  • Healthcare professionals unprepared to even answer the most basic questions in states that have had medical cannabis programs for years
  • Policymakers unable to make informed decisions on cannabis laws and regulations
  • Harmful laws that make it unnecessarily difficult for cannabis companies to succeed
  • Countless people still without safe access to clean, medical-grade cannabis
  • Even more people, potential consumers, still confused or naïve about cannabis all together
  • Universities unable to educate students in cannabis medicine, botany, or science
  • The continued constraint of cannabis research and progress

The list goes on at length and these are challenges that involve everyone.

With cannabis having been in the dark for so long, most people and professionals have a lot of catching up to do on almost every aspect of this plant – arguably one of the most valuable that our world has to offer.

And if your team is not properly trained, scalability will be next to impossible and your business will likely end up – as with most startups – in failure.

Make Every Person On Your Team A Cannabis Expert

The challenge around training becomes even more intense when considering the number of resources a company must dedicate if they want to train people themselves.

So, the big question is this: where can employers find an effective, credible, and cost-effective solution to cannabis training that gets everybody on the same page?

Enter Green Flower Academy for Teams.

It’s an online cannabis training program that will essentially allow you to train your team in a weekend with some of the most proven experts on this plant.

Get your people on the same page, hit the ground running, and build a strong foundation on which your business or institution can truly thrive.

That kind of tool is invaluable for any business, which is why the most advanced industries have training programs just like this.

Now it’s cannabis’s turn.

What Cannabis Companies Are Saying About The Green Flower Academy

Many of the top cannabis companies are already utilizing Green Flower Academy, offering powerful feedback about the value it provides.

Tianna Jones from Bloom Farms called Academy “the foundational cannabis education our industry needs.”

Brian Dewey from Kiva wrote: “I went from a novice cannabis professional to a cannabis evangelist.”

Boris Scharansky from Papa & Barkley added that Green Flower Academy is “the perfect way to learn the most important aspects about cannabis straight from the world’s top experts.”

And Tyler Stratford of Canna Advisors summed it all up with this thought: “I recommend everyone go through Green Flower’s Academy.”

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Trusted by top universities, utilized by companies around the world, and endorsed by the leaders shaping the modern cannabis industry, Green Flower courses are the gold standard in cannabis education and training.

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