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5 Ways to Make a Dispensary More Inviting to Customers

Not all dispensaries are created equal. Anyone who has visited more than a handful of dispensaries will be quick to tell you that.

Factors such as pricing, product quality, and customer service are all in play for cannabis consumers who are able to choose among different dispensary options.

However, another really big factor is how inviting the dispensary itself is. Making a cannabis purchase is more involved than it is for many other things.

For many customers, it’s much more of an experience that they look forward to all day/week than it is a mundane purchase.

With that in mind, below are things that dispensaries can do to make their establishments more inviting to customers.

1) A welcoming exterior

Humans are visual creatures, and that is at play when dispensary customers are deciding where to go.

A dispensary that has a very generic looking sign on an ugly building is not going to be nearly as welcoming as a dispensary that has a solid, professional look to it.

Some dispensaries are at the mercy of local rules, regulations, and whims of a landlord, but if possible they should be very thoughtful in how they design/decorate the outside of their building.

2) Good lighting

Too many dispensaries have poor lighting, which dramatically affects the customer buying experience.

Most customers want to see what they are purchasing ahead of time and expect to be able to see flower on display in a well-lit setting.

If your cannabis dispensary feels more like a dungeon than it does a professional establishment, it will likely result in customers going elsewhere.

3) Good inventory organization

Robust cannabis dispensary inventory options can be a two-edged sword. On one hand, it’s great to have a huge variety, however, it can be tricky to organize in an efficient way.

It’s very intimidating to walk up to a counter and see rows and rows of jars and other displays. A customer will likely feel rushed and possibly end up having buyer’s remorse.

Organize inventory in a way that is easy for customers to know what is in stock, and incorporate technology if possible (online menus, in-store menus on tablets, etc.).

4) Thoughtful flow to the purchasing experience

A dispensary that doesn’t receive much foot traffic doesn’t need to worry about the logistics surrounding the purchasing experience.

However, dispensaries that receive a lot of foot traffic (which is the goal) have to be very thoughtful about the flow of helping customers and completing sales.

A customer should be taking more time looking at products than they should be waiting to check out at the cash register, their product to be packaged for transport, and to get back to their day.

5) Setting the right mood

Every dispensary should have its own ‘mood’ or ‘vibe.’ Without it, the dispensary will likely just be seen as a generic dispensary that’s no different than others out there.

The goal of a dispensary is obviously to stand out in the crowd. Setting the right mood will help achieve that goal.

Dispensaries should always be evaluating whether or not to have background music playing, and if so, what kind, what furniture they use, and what artwork is on display, among other things.

Think about the demographics you want to reach (perhaps a wide range of people) and create a vibe that will appeal to people and make them comfortable.

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