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Why People Have Negative Experiences with Cannabis

Maureen McNamara has trained countless dispensary professionals in the cannabis space. She is also a leading expert on cannabis micro-dosing and helping consumers enhance their cannabis experience.

In the video below, Maureen explains proper cannabis dosing, ways to avoid overconsumption, and what to do if someone consumes too much cannabis.

It’s no secret that overconsumption of cannabis can lead to bad experiences. It’s vital that dispensary staff be able to inform consumers about proper cannabis use so they can avoid unwanted side effects and also know the steps to mitigate the undesirable effects of cannabis if they do occur.

By learning these tips and strategies, dispensary staff will be able to better educate and serve the customers that frequent their dispensaries.

More and more consumers are either trying cannabis for the first time or coming back to consuming cannabis after a long break. If you are reading this, chances are a significant amount of your customers fall into one of those two categories.

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