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Sneak Peek: Cannabis Business Essentials Training

by Staff

The online Cannabis Business Essentials Certificate Program launched June 2, 2020.

With 14 insightful courses taught by industry-leading experts from every sector of cannabis, this set of intelligent tools is the go-to playbook for success in the industry today – enabling you to avoid costly mistakes in areas such as finance, lab-testing, marketing, and much more.

Ready for a quick taste of what’s included in the Cannabis Business Essentials? Below are five short excerpts, followed by a complete list of courses included in this comprehensive program.

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1) Tips For Entrepreneurs Just Entering The Cannabis Industry

Shane Terry, CEO of Taproot Brands, went from being a TOPGUN flight instructor to running one of the top cannabis operations in Nevada.

In his course, “Cannabis Manufacturing & Processing,” he takes you through all the essential tips and nuances to get your operation dialed in.

He also offers tips for entrepreneurs just getting started in the cannabis industry:

2) Challenges In Distribution

Avis Bulbulyan, CEO of SIVA Enterprises, stands on a proverbial mountain of cannabis industry experience. His firsthand expertise includes every aspect of the supply chain, and cannabis distribution is no exception.

In his course, “The Business of Cannabis Distribution,” Bulbulyan addresses a surprising range of topics needed to run successful distribution in cannabis today.

In this short excerpt, Bulbulyan touches upon some of the core challenges and opportunities in cannabis distribution:

3) How To Be Successful in Accounting For Your Cannabis Business

Accounting is one of the areas where it’s easy to make a mess of things. The bigger your business, the higher the stakes and the faster everything can slide off track.

No matter the size of your cannabis business, Simone Cimiluca-Radzins, CPA, will walk you through the essential facts and knowledge gaps that continue to trip up so many cannabis businesses today.

In this quick excerpt from her course, “Accounting Principles in the Cannabis Industry,” Cimiluca-Radzins covers some of the essentials for accounting success:

4) High Employee Turnover Rates

High turnover rates are one of the biggest challenges in cannabis today. In June 2018, Headset reported that 58% of budtenders did not make it to the two-month mark.

That is an overwhelming figure, and the lack of employee retention is costly and disastrous for businesses in any industry.

In this clip from his course, “Human Resources and the Cannabis Workforce,” Keegan Peterson, founder and CEO of Wurk, addresses this challenge head-on:

5) The Biggest Challenges In The Cannabis & CBD Market Today

Marketers in Cannabis and CBD are faced with much greater restrictions and hurdles than most other industries.

This can make it hard to scale a business. In “Marketing in the Cannabis Industry,” Jared Mirsky, founder and CEO of Wick & Mortar, lays out a blueprint for cannabis companies to consider as they shape their branding and marketing strategies.

The complete list of courses included in the Cannabis Business Essentials Certificate Program:

  • The Business of Cannabis Cultivation
  • Cannabis Processing & Manufacturing
  • Cannabis Lab Testing & Analytics
  • The Cannabis Retail Guide
  • The Business of Cannabis Distribution
  • The Business of Industrial Hemp
  • Obtaining Licensing in the Cannabis Industry
  • Securing Real Estate for Your Cannabis Business
  • Regulatory Compliance in the Cannabis Industry
  • Marketing in the Cannabis Industry
  • Sales in the Cannabis Industry
  • Accounting Principles in the Cannabis Industry
  • Human Resources & the Cannabis Workforce
  • An Investor’s Guide to the Legal Cannabis Industry
  • Bonus Roundtable Discussion on Cannabis Extraction

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