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You Want a Successful Career in Cannabis? It Starts Here.

Green Flower Academy is attracting bright minds and professionals from across the globe, and people are filling those cannabis knowledge gaps!

What’s more, they’re using Green Flower – in this case the Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program – to actualize their goals and advance their careers in the space.

Although Fundamentals continues to attract professionals from diverse backgrounds, an important pattern among them has emerged:

1) Passion for trusted cannabis knowledge

2) A desire to add value to the cannabis industry and the people it serves

Here are their stories…

Sara Gluck: Cannabis Changed Her Life – and Career

Sara Gluck’s life-changing decision to join the cannabis industry started in Colorado. She was there on a visit to finish her MBA from the University of Virginia, however her entire career trajectory was about to change.

The pivotal moment came when she visited a dispensary for the first time. After years of living with psoriatic arthritis and routinely jabbing herself with Humira/Enbrel twice a month (for what she thought would be the rest of her life) she wondered if cannabis could help.

“The budtender sold me a salve, patch, and a cookie to alleviate my pain – and it worked,” Sara recalls. “I came back to school and completely changed my career path because of it. I moved out to Denver without a job with the sole intention of joining the cannabis industry.”

Like a lot of people who have a desire to participate in cannabis, it took Sara a while to find her niche. She eventually did find her path with the America Israel Cannabis Association (AICA), where she is now Chief Operating Officer. “Our mission is to bring Israeli and North American cannabis companies and professionals closer together. We provide insights through education, community events and even help consult,” she explains.

Intent on cultivating a long and fulfilling career in cannabis, Sara quickly realized how fast this industry moves and the importance of staying educated. “Cannabis, more or less, is new in my life. I knew I had some knowledge gaps because of this,” she notes. “And with my role at AICA, I speak to people across the gamut of cannabis: investors, lawyers, growers, etc., and being able to speak about cannabis eloquently no matter the audience is paramount to my job and my career.”

With a desire to gain a comprehensive understanding of cannabis, Sara found her way to Green Flower Academy and immediately enrolled into her first Green Flower Certificate Program.

Sara went through the entire curriculum, expanding her knowledge base around things like the composition of the cannabis plant, how it works in the body, the effects of different terpenes, the history of cannabis, how to get a job in cannabis, and more.

Reflecting on her experience with Green Flower Academy, Sara emphasizes her appreciation for the up-to-date content, the mix of reading and video materials – and most of all – the experts Green Flower curated for the online learning.

“The guests that Green Flower selects as its experts truly are experts! It’s nice to know that Green Flower is actively recruiting the crème de la crème of cannabis,” she says. “I feel a lot more comfortable talking about cannabis now, and I’m looking forward to my next certificate with Green Flower.”

Megan L’Heureux – Making Her Mark in Cannabis Editorial

Before signing up for the  Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program, Megan L’Heureux was already serving as editor-in-chief of Cannabis and Technology magazine, a B2B trade publication dedicated to educating the legal cannabis community about the science and technology involved in analytical testing, quality control, extraction, and cultivation.

In other words, Megan brings a rich publishing background to the cannabis space.

“I’ve been in the publishing field for more than 12 years, with previous editorial positions at two analytical science magazines: LCGC North America and Spectroscopy,” she explains.

So why choose online training in Cannabis Fundamentals?

“I chose this program to get a better understanding of the overall cannabis market from start to finish. It’s given me a better idea of the topics that matter to people in the industry as well as a greater understanding of the nuances to the cannabis plant.”

Her favorite part?

“I enjoyed that I could take the courses at my own pace. There were weeks where I might take two full modules and others where I might only have time to complete half of one.”

Serving as the editor-in-chief of a cannabis industry B2B publication means you must stay ahead of the developments, gather trustworthy information and constantly be learning.

That’s why Green Flower is where Megan took the journey from a basic grasp of cannabis to a robust understanding of the plant and the industry’s complex nature.

David Slagle – Cannabis Meets Natural Products and Sports Nutrition

David Slagle has devoted the past 25+ years serving others in the world of nutritional supplements and most recently sports nutrition.

This industry has also become an extremely hot area for cannabis and CBD products, which is exactly why Slagle realized he had to catch up on all the facts.

“CBD has been trending in the natural products category for the last 18 months, and I had both a desire and a need to become educated on the topic of cannabis,” he notes.

This need and desire is exactly why he signed up for the online Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program through Green Flower Academy. In fact, Slagle sees cannabis as a fantastic opportunity for anybody interested in sports nutrition or nutritional supplements in general.

“Cannabis extracts have several interesting applications in the formulation of cognition, performance, and recovery-enhancing nutritional products beyond CBD,” he says.

“As an industry professional, I wanted to gain deeper insight of the ‘seed-to-shelf’ processes, and specific knowledge of cannabinoids and terpenes.”

While going through the Fundamentals course, Slagle enjoyed the “A to Z comprehensiveness of the program” as well as being able to learn at his own pace in the online environment.

“Cannabis is a category that is primed for growth, and time is a valuable factor for busy professionals looking to expand their education,” Slagle says.

“I have recommended the Green Flower Certificate Programs to several colleagues.”

Gain Fundamental Knowledge About Cannabis

Ready to give your cannabis career a boost? Green Flower’s Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program is designed to expand your cannabis knowledge around all the essentials.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Cannabis history
  • Cannabis botany 
  • Cannabis chemistry 
  • The endocannabinoid system
  • Cannabis dosing
  • Cannabis careers 
  • … and more!

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Trusted by top universities, utilized by companies around the world, and endorsed by the leaders shaping the modern cannabis industry, Green Flower courses are the gold standard in cannabis education and training.

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