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Finding Your Cannabis Industry Niche Part 2: Retail, Distribution, and Real Estate

Steve DeAngelo

In the careers segment of the Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program, we sat down with legendary cannabis entrepreneur Steve DeAngelo, co-founder of Harborside and one of the most successful cannabis entrepreneurs of all time.

We picked DeAngelo’s brain on the current career opportunities in the emerging cannabis space.  

In part one, we took a careful look at cannabis tourism, media, events, and services, and for part two of this blog series we dive further into DeAngelo’s wealth of knowledge around key industry sectors that have the most potential: retail, distribution, and real estate.

1) Retail

These are truly exciting times for cannabis retail opportunities, both for entrepreneurs as well as for people looking for a career in cannabis retail.

Essentially, consumers purchase their cannabis in a wider range of ways now than ever before.

“Brick and mortar dispensaries are the most obvious part of the retail sector, but there are a lot of new and innovative ways of getting cannabis from the grower to the consumer,” Steve DeAngelo says.

Below are some of the examples of how consumers acquire cannabis:

  • Dispensary
  • Farm to Table
  • Delivery
  • On-site Consumption
  • Subscription Boxes

Consumers will always need their cannabis. 

If there is a method or purchasing option that can be found in society, chances are it’s adapted for the cannabis industry, and if you have identified one that is not currently available or that could be done better, you may be sitting on a potential goldmine.

2) Sales and Distribution

The cannabis industry is becoming more and more specialized with every passing year. As with any emerging industry, people are finding more efficient ways to do things.

A prime example of that is in the sales and distribution sector of the cannabis industry. 

Historically, cannabis cultivators would handle their crops from start to finish and take it to a dispensary that sold it. That is no longer the case in large markets.

Now the cannabis industry is built on the proven principles of effective sales and distribution.

“Sales and distributions is about how we get it from the point of production to other parts of the supply chain,” DeAngelo explains.

Below are some of the subcategories of the sales and distribution sector:

  • Processing
  • Distribution
  • Transport
  • Wholesale

Also, cannabis sales and distribution is not limited to cannabis flower. Far from it. The cannabis industry is in the midst of exponential growth in the product offerings for consumers. 

Edibles, topicals, drinkables, and all other types of consumables need to get from point A to point B. The companies that bridge that divide in an effective way will be greatly rewarded.

3) Real Estate

“Almost every business needs a place of business. Cannabis business have a very difficult time finding them,” Steve DeAngelo points out.

While a limited number of cannabis companies can operate out of a home, most need a retail location, facility, or office space.

The real estate sector has a lot of niches that can be very lucrative, including:

  • Property Acquisition
  • Property Development
  • Project Financing
  • Project Design and Management

“This is a great place for people who already understand real estate transactions,” DeAngelo says.

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