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Finding Your Cannabis Industry Niche Part 3: Growing, Extraction, Manufacturing, Products

In part one of this series, we looked at cannabis tourism, media, events, and services

In Part two, we explored the opportunities in retail, distribution, and real estate.

In this third and final installment, we’ve saved what many see as the juiciest parts of the cannabis industry for last – sectors that actually touch the plant, cultivating it and developing it into products that people love.

Watch the two videos below as Steve DeAngelo (top cannabis entrepreneur, industry trailblazer and life-long advocate of the plant) takes you through opportunities in cannabis cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, and product development.

1) Cultivation

The cultivation sector of the cannabis industry is one of the most popular sectors, and for good reason. Cultivating cannabis is fun, and it is the foundation of the entire industry.

“Everything in the industry starts with the plant,” Steve DeAngelo points out. “All of the new and amazing products that we see, start with the plant.”

The sector includes a diverse range of roles, starting with areas in genetics, seeds, clones, and tissue culture. And then there’s all the opportunity revolving around actual cultivation sites, including nurseries, outdoor grows, and indoor grows.

These operations have a critical responsibility, and they involve a wide range of professional backgrounds you might not expect.

2) Extraction, Manufacturing, and Products

You could argue that these sectors are where we see the most explosive innovation in cannabis today.

With more people coming to understand and appreciate the different nuances of specific cannabis effects and applications, the demand for quality and practicality will only continue to rise.

“Extraction didn’t even really exist five years ago and now it’s a huge sector of the industry,” Steve DeAngelo says. “And now we’re seeing sophisticated laboratories who are coming up with different types of extracts and formulations, and they are providing contract services to companies.”

With manufacturing and product development as well, these areas currently have a lot of room for innovation and in certain cases not a whole lot of competition yet.

DeAngelo really sums up the excitement and room for growth in a lot of these different cannabis sectors best: “This is a substance that has been illegal since the birth of modern business technology.”

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