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30 Cannabis Jobs That Might Surprise You

Cannabis is the fastest growing industry with more opportunities than you might realize.

Just how many cannabis jobs are in the legal industry today?

In June 2017 it was estimated that the cannabis industry had created as many as 230,000 jobs. By 2021, that number could catapult to 414,000 jobs – or more, according to Arcview and BDS Analytics.

Legal cannabis is now the fastest growing industry in the U.S., and if you want to get involved there are plenty of opportunities – even in non-legal states!

Sure there are the jobs you would expect, like managing a dispensary or harvesting buds. And these are only a fraction of the possibilities when you consider all of the opportunities popping up.

Professionals of all backgrounds are finding ways to enter the industry and add value.

The following list is by no means exhaustive – in fact the opportunities end wherever your imagination does!

1.) IT & Computer Programming

The cannabis tech crunch is moving fast!

As the industry blossoms so do its tech challenges and need for digital innovation.

Point-of-sale systems, seed-to-sale tracking, and strain data management are just some of the tech-based solutions cannabis businesses are relying on today.

And that’s just the beginning of the cannabis tech crunch…

Locate a dispensary on Weedmaps, see a strain’s reviews on the mobile app for Leafly, and watch your favorite cannabis videos right here on Green Flower – technology is revolutionizing the world of cannabis as we know it. And for programmers looking to contribute, the opportunities are there for the taking.

2.) Sales

If you thrive in the fast-paced environment of sales, there are plenty of cannabis companies out there who would love to make your acquaintance.

Even if you reside in a non-legal state, there are countless ways to get involved.

A lot of companies ship CBD products nationwide and even worldwide, and numerous businesses are searching for people who know how to make a sale.

Whether you excel in generating leads or pitching products, a cannabis company could use your expertise.

3.) Real Estate

We need more cannabis-friendly landlords.

Legalization has led to a nearly insatiable demand for cannabis-friendly commercial real estate.

Cannabis companies have had challenges with real estate in the past. Those challenges are turning into opportunities for real estate owners who want to support the industry.

Take, for example, the soaring real estate values in Colorado and California in areas permitting cultivation. Or, that one out of eleven industrial buildings in Denver now house cannabis grows.

The real estate market is bursting with high rent rates and low vacancy rates – attracting investors and developers looking to enter the playing field.

Cannabis entrepreneurs need landlords they can trust and who are willing to stand against the lingering federal prohibition of this plant.

4.) Marketing

As cannabis moves to the mainstream, businesses are seeking creative ways to navigate marketing and advertising restrictions and still reach consumers.

This challenge has provided a unique opportunity for marketers looking to enter an emerging industry.

If you can help cannabis companies better strategize and overcome their marketing hurdles – consider yourself hired!

5.) Journalism

What would you like to see in cannabis journalism?

The cannabis universe needs great storytellers, writers who are willing to capture the facts and help dismantle nearly a century of misinformation and stigma.

A lot of people are confused about this plant; misconceptions continue to circulate, and studies are often blatantly misinterpreted or slanted in an effort to maintain prohibition.

Whether you want to spread cannabis truth or keep people up to date on all the latest happenings in the industry, opportunities abound for editors and writers worldwide.

6.) HR Services

Human resources is another huge challenge for a lot of cannabis companies that are creating all these cannabis jobs.

They need HR services, which can come in and handle essential aspects of employment like employee laws, benefits, and all the paperwork involved.

The industry needs strong HR professionals to keep things moving forward.

7.) Legal Services

The legal landscape for cannabis companies is complicated. Policy changes can occur overnight, and companies need a legal advisor who knows how to navigate often times rocky terrain.

If you can help cannabis entrepreneurs and companies adhere to regulations and respond to changes in law, you’ll be able to add direct value to a growing industry.

Common legal services for cannabis-based operations include:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Licensing
  • Corporate governance
  • Business formation
  • Trademark protection

If you have a legal mind, you can make a difference by helping this blossoming industry find its feet.

8.) Web Design

Build it and they will come.

Like any other business, a cannabis company needs a great website with a responsive design.

A website allows a company to reach audiences on a global level, not to mention the opportunity to set up an online marketplace to generate sales.

An eye for design and a passion for this plant could take you far in this industry as a professional web designer.

With cannabis-based businesses launching all the time, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to a growing field.

9.) Policymakers

Building a sustainable framework for this new industry is an essential task, and policymakers are a key part of this process.

For cannabis specifically, we need policymakers who can make decisions based off of scientific facts rather than the propaganda of special interest groups.

This is an incredible opportunity to shape history and we need sensible policies that benefit the most amount of people.

If you’re a policymaker who truly believes in the power of this plant, the time to act is now.

10.) Accounting

Taking on cannabis clients who grow or sell cannabis is quickly becoming a specialized niche for CPAs.

Assisting companies with fundamental processes such as bookkeeping, account management, tax and business consulting, audit protection, and tax preparation – qualified accountants are in high demand in this industry.

If you possess the appropriate skills in this area, you’ll find cannabis clients who are in need of your expertise.

11.) Education

People are increasingly becoming aware that there is something more to cannabis – and the need for cannabis education is greater than ever.

Whether it’s teaching people how to cook with cannabis or even how to enter the industry, the future of cannabis relies on producing and sharing quality education about this plant.

If you have any expertise surrounding cannabis, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and to connect with cannabis education platforms like Green Flower.

12.) Graphic Design

The emergence of a legal cannabis market is changing the way people approach this plant.

Graphic designers play a key role in shaping the style and image of this new industry, and in doing so they help shape the image of cannabis around the globe.

Whether you prefer creating custom graphics or designing branded packages, get creative and get involved in shaping public perception.

13.) Event Planning

Cannabis enthusiasts are convening like never before, and there is a tremendous appetite for personal connection amongst this community that has had to keep the plant in the dark for so long.

Whether you want to organize social or networking events, the cannabis industry has ample opportunity for creative event planners who want to get involved.

14.) Security

Security is an essential factor for cannabis businesses today.

Security is a big concern for cannabis companies, and for good reason.

Many cannabis-based operations face major banking restrictions resulting in an influx of cash, leading to potentially dangerous situations.

If you have a background in security, rest assured, cannabis companies could use your help.

15.) Business Consulting

Cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the U.S., and it is full of both new entrepreneurs who love cannabis and experienced entrepreneurs who are new to the plant.

If you have the acumen to come in and fill those knowledge gaps and help cannabis operations capitalize on their day-to-day challenges, you just might find yourself with a long list of clients.

16.) Artist

It may surprise many people, even veteran cannabis enthusiasts, to learn that the job title of cannabis artist is a thing.

Cannabis companies like Tweed in Canada employ an ‘Artist-in-Residence.’ How many companies in the space have similar positions is unclear, and the jobs are obviously hard to get, but they are out there for the lucky artists that can land the gig.

If you love art and love cannabis, this is the career path for you.

17.) Interior Design

The cannabis industry uses a lot of commercial space. Whether it be for offices, dispensaries, or other buildings where cannabis companies are located, the industry will always need places to operate out of.

That’s where interior designers come in. A cannabis company’s base of operations needs to put off a certain vibe and hiring an interior designer to help is the best way to achieve that goal.

If you have a knack for maximizing commercial spaces, especially in a way that is stylish and trendy, you should give a career in cannabis industry interior design a strong consideration.

18.) Lobbyist

cannabis lobbyist job

Lobbyists are different than policymakers in that they don’t directly make policy, however, they do play a vital role in ensuring that policymakers are educated on sensible cannabis policies.

Many people make the false assumption that the push for sensible cannabis policy ends when legalization is passed. That is definitely not the case.

The fight continues into the rule-making process and without lobbyists representing the interests of the cannabis community, there would be a much smaller voice in the process.

Cannabis lobbyists are the face of the cannabis community at state legislatures and during public comment periods, and because of that it is a very worthwhile career path.

19.) Compliance Assistance

The cannabis industry is one of the most highly regulated industries on the planet. So much so that navigating all of the rules and regulations and maintaining compliance can be a real challenge.

Cannabis companies need people that are up to speed on all of the rules and regulations for a given marketplace, and they are willing to pay those people significant wages/fees to do so.

If you love researching regulations and have a high level of attention to detail, this field is one that you should explore.

20.) Construction

The construction field is in high demand in the cannabis industry. Industrial garden spaces, industrial kitchens, outdoor greenhouses, and a number of other business models necessitate construction work.

Cannabis cultivation, processing, extraction and other facilities involve a lot of nuances and challenges that are unique to the cannabis industry.

That makes construction for cannabis companies particularly rewarding compared to other industries.

21.) Electrician

cannabis electrician job

It’s no secret that indoor cannabis gardens use a lot of electricity. The bigger the indoor garden, the more electricity it will need.

Even some outdoor greenhouses use supplemental lighting and it takes experienced electricians to install them in a safe manner.

Electrical work is one of the most sought-after services for cannabis companies and if you have the skills and background you should strongly consider putting those skills to use in the cannabis space.

22.) Information Security

Many consumers think that information security only involves firewalls and computer passwords. However, it is a much more complex topic than that.

Cannabis companies, especially dispensaries, work with a lot of personally identifiable information.

Workforce protocols and policies, as well as ongoing training programs, need to be put in place to ensure that the information does get obtained by people outside of the company.

23.) Chef

The cannabis industry is experiencing a growing demand for cannabis chefs, and not just for edible companies.

Cannabis chefs are being hired at an increasing rate to prepare infused multi-course meals for parties, weddings, and other events.

If you have amazing cannabis recipes that you want to prepare for cannabis enthusiasts, it can be more than just a passion – it can be a lucrative career.

24.) Author

It wasn’t that long ago that cannabis authors were rare in the book and journalism world. Those days are long gone.

With the explosion in interest in all things cannabis, authors that write about cannabis topics are in demand.

Whether you want to write a book, write for a blog or website, or want to write for a media outlet, you should consider taking the leap and pursuing a career as a cannabis author.

25.) Extraction

One of the most hot-button topics in the cannabis industry is the danger of extraction facilities.

Extraction facilities often work with volatile solvents which can be very scary. Professionally ran extraction facilities are not a danger, but that doesn’t stop cannabis opponents from giving them a bad rap.

Cannabis extraction experts do more than just make concentrates. They also play a vital role in keeping the cannabis industry safe, which is something that makes the career path extra rewarding.

26.) Photography

cannabis photography job

Cannabis companies have a huge need for high-quality photos for their websites, social media accounts, labels, and marketing materials.

The next time you are on social media try to be mindful of which accounts you gravitate towards, and chances are it will be the accounts that incorporate a lot of quality photos.

The demand for photographers in the cannabis industry is increasing all the time, and with no end to the rise in demand in sight. If you have a knack for taking great cannabis photos, this is the career for you.

27.) Fitness

More and more athletes and people that live active lifestyles are incorporating cannabis into their regimens.

Cannabis yoga and other activities are becoming very popular, and that trend is likely to continue as athletes and people that live active lifestyles continue to discover the wellness benefits of cannabis.

If you are in the fitness industry already, or aspire to be, and you like cannabis then you should consider this emerging field in the cannabis industry.

28.) Entertainment

If you can think of a type of entertainment that exists outside of the cannabis industry, chances are it can be enhanced by cannabis consumption.

Cannabis karaoke, cannabis painting, cannabis comedy, and a number of other entertainment activities that incorporate cannabis are popping up in legal states.

If you are an entertainer or organize entertainment-based activities, consider adding cannabis to the equation and catering to a growing number of cannabis consumers that are looking for things to do.

29.) Inventor

The emerging cannabis industry can be very lucrative for inventors.

With consumer and industry demand for all things cannabis increasing at an exponential rate, someone who introduces a game-changing invention into the space will be well rewarded.

If you can come up with an innovative gadget or device or product that helps solve a problem or need of the cannabis industry, you can do quite well for yourself because of the size of the growing industry and consumer base.

30.) Government

One sector that the cannabis industry is creating jobs in that often goes unnoticed is in government. For every cannabis market that becomes legal and regulated, a number of government jobs are created.

Inspectors, auditors, processing workers, and a number of other jobs are popping up all the time by government agencies that oversee the cannabis industry.

It’s a great way to land a career that has amazing job security and benefits, in a addition to direct monetary compensation.

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