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Lecture 2: Extracting Key Cannabis Compounds

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Extracting Key Cannabis Compounds

When you brew a hot cup of coffee, you extract hundreds of different chemical compounds. With cannabis, it’s no different. Cannabis extraction may require different solvents and more intensive equipment than your basic mug of coffee or tea, but the process of extraction and concentration collects potentially hundreds of different chemical compounds from the plant. 

In this section of the accelerated training, Dr. John MacKay introduces the processes that will help you extract the key compounds that will work the best in your particular products. MacKay walks you through:

    • The classes of key cannabis compounds. 
    • Proper sample preparation. 
    • An example flow of a basic extraction process.

Enjoy your lecture! 

John A. MacKay, Ph.D., brings 44 years of experience in analytical testing, extraction, and purification techniques to the hemp and cannabis spaces. He currently works as a consultant, helping labs and operators develop the precise processes they need to succeed. Now, he’s the lead expert in the Green Flower Cannabis Extraction Certificate Program, teaching canna-industry hopefuls and teams the ins-and-outs of successful botanical extraction.

Trusted by top universities, utilized by companies around the world, and endorsed by the leaders shaping the modern cannabis industry, Green Flower courses are the gold standard in cannabis education and training.

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