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My Cannabis Career: How to Become a Cannabis Wellness Expert

It is not that often that a legitimate wellness revolution occurs, but that is exactly what is happening right now across the globe.

After several decades of being prohibited the cannabis plant is being liberated all over the world.

A lot of stigma still surrounds the cannabis plant and those who use it, and fortunately, minds are being changed at an ever-increasing rate.

With these reform victories comes safe access to cannabis and a desire for increased knowledge to cannabis’ wellness properties.

People are very hungry for credible information about cannabis and cannabis wellness experts are helping to fill the void.

How can someone become a cannabis wellness expert?

Cannabis consumption is a very complex topic.

To newbie cannabis consumers or those coming back from a long break, learning about cannabis can be daunting and intimidating.

It wasn’t that long ago that there was no legal way to purchase cannabis in the United States or elsewhere.

Cannabis wellness experts help guide patients and consumers through their cannabis experiences.

They help come up with consumption strategies and provide tips and advice on how cannabis can improve their lives.

“There’s a tipping point that’s happening with cannabis wellness,” says cannabis wellness expert Dee Dussault.

“People are starting to get this idea that maybe cannabis can help my meditation, my massage, my sex, or my yoga,” she adds.

Becoming a cannabis wellness expert takes more than just sitting on Google all day. You need to learn from the best, which is why Green Flower’s My Cannabis Career Summit is so beneficial.

In her inspiring talk, Dee Dussault covers in depth how to become a cannabis wellness expert, and it’s an incredible opportunity to learn more.

What are the benefits of choosing a career as a cannabis wellness expert?

Below are some of the many benefits to being a cannabis wellness expert:

  • Help improve people’s lives by recommending cannabis and effective consumption methods
  • Reduce the stigma around a proven medicine
  • Help consumers make the safer choice by using cannabis instead of harmful pharmaceuticals or substances
  • Getting to be a part of the most exciting, fastest growing industry on the planet
  • Getting to be a part of history
  • Helping to educate cannabis consumers about the greatest plant of all time – cannabis

With a list like that, why wouldn’t you want to become a cannabis wellness expert?

Cannabis Wellness Experts are the future of the cannabis industry

The emerging cannabis industry is like no other industry out there. It is growing at a rapid pace and a lot of opportunities exist.

Obviously, medical doctors are a vital part of the medical cannabis industry, and so too are cannabis wellness experts.

Medical doctors are often heavily tied down by the companies they work for, are often pressured by the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry, and can be extremely expensive in the U.S.

Cannabis wellness experts are a great alternative or supplement to all of those drawbacks, and the truly credible ones have a very bright future in the cannabis industry.

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