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How To Use A Chillum

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As the cannabis industry continues to grow steadily, it seems like companies invent new smoking devices every week. However, sometimes keeping the cannabis smoking process simple results in the best experiences, which is why we’re taking a look at the chillum. Considered to be one of the most traditional smoking tools, the chillum is a sleek straight pipe that’s highly effective. 

The chillum may look simple with its straight conical shape, but it provides a potent smoking experience that’s exceptionally smooth. If you are a cannabis consumer, the chillum pipe is one of the most pleasing ways to consume the plant. Unfortunately, it’s not a common tool today when compared to rolling papers, bongs, and vape pens, despite being around in the Americas since the 1960s. Therefore, we’ve created a simple guide to show you how to use a chillum. With this simple walkthrough, you can enjoy a novel dry herb experience with a classic smoking pipe. 

man smoking a chillum in ritual

A Brief History Of The Chillum

Thought to be one of the oldest known smoking tools in history, the chillum is a vintage device. The tool has been around since at least the 18th Century when Hindu monks and other holy men started to use it in religious worship of gods. In its introduction to the world, the chillum was used to help people connect in social settings. It would be passed around a room to create close bonds between those using it, similar to cannabis sessions today. The chillum is also commonly used in Rastafari ceremonies where the ritual piece is created using a cow’s horn or wood. 

Parts Of A Chillum

With its straight and simple shape, the chillum is discreet, easy-to-use, and simple to clean. They are typically made from wood or clay. However, most people prefer clay chillums since they have a better cooling ability. You may also find chillums constructed from stone, glass, or stainless steel. The following are the three parts that make up the traditional smoking device:

Straight pipe: The main part of the chillum is the tube. It can be anywhere from 8 to 10 inches long. However, you may also find some that are smaller.

Filter: A clay piece that fits in the chillum will cool the smoke, as well as filter any particles. Before clay filters were made, people would find pebbles or stones that fit snugly into the straight pipe to use as a filtering device. 

Cloth: The use of a thin cloth helps in making the smoking process smooth. This cloth is called a safi, which means “pure” in Arabic. 

man holding a chillum

Chillum Smoking Technique 

There are two standard ways to smoke cannabis with a chillum. But before we get into the two methods of using the chillum, you need to learn how to pack it correctly. A chillum is originally a hash-consumption tool. Some people like to mix the hash with tobacco, but we’ll focus on mixing cannabis and hash. 

You’ll want to get the blend of hash and cannabis as consistent as you possibly can since hash usually burns slower. Place the clay filter on the top opening and insert your blend of cannabis and hash. Then, you’ll want to wrap the bottom of the chillum, which is the mouthpiece, with a slightly damp cloth. The cloth will serve as a secondary filter, which also cools and moistens the smoke. Once your chillum is all set up and packed, keep this in mind: do not place your mouth directly on the mouthpiece. 

man smoking a chillum with one hand

The One-Handed Technique

The one-handed chillum holding technique is the simplest way to handle the smoking device. Use your pointer finger and thumb to make a circle, as if you’re giving the A-OK sign. Insert the bottom end of the chillum through the hole on the palm-side of your hand and hold it there. Keep the pipe as upright as possible, so as not to spill your blend of cannabis and hash. You can then draw the smoke and fresh air directly from the mouthpiece on the bottom. Light the chillum with any heat source you’d like, but a hemp wick is recommended for cleanliness. Remember, do not place your mouth directly on the chillum. 

man with glasses smoking a chillum with two hands

The Two-Handed Technique

For this method, you’ll start by placing the mouthpiece end of the straight pipe between your middle and ring finger with your palm facing down as you make a fist. Ensure that the straight pipe is wedged between your fingers tightly. Wrap your free hand around your fist to make an airtight seal to prevent smoke from escaping. With your hands all tied up, you’ll need some assistance lighting the chillum, so make sure you don’t use this method when you’re smoking solo. You can then inhale from the opening made by your fist holding the smoking device. You’ll be able to draw a plentiful amount of smoke with no harshness. 

Whichever technique you choose to use the chillum, you’ll notice that the smoking experience is smooth and flavorful. You may even get a pleasant head rush, even if you’re just using a cannabis and hash blend. It’s truly a unique sensation that can’t be matched by any other device. 

How To Clean A Chillum

Cleaning the chillum is just as easy as using it. However, it’s recommended that you clean the chillum immediately after each use while everything is still warm for efficiency. First, remove the filter and give it a thorough wipe down with a cloth. Next, plunge a cloth through the straight pipe and work it back and forth. If you want a deep clean, you can even use isopropyl rubbing alcohol. In a situation where you didn’t wash your chillum after every use and gunk builds up, you can use a combination of rubbing alcohol and rock salt for deeper cleaning. 

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