Home Business Is Cannabis Risky Business? Watch Entrepreneurs Speak Up on Cannabis Insider.

Is Cannabis Risky Business? Watch Entrepreneurs Speak Up on Cannabis Insider.

Whether you call it “the green rush” or “the new Wild West,” cannabis is among the fastest-growing job markets in the United States. That’s no surprise; projections suggest that legal sales will reach $30 billion by 2025. But, who will actually have access to all of that cash? The big businesses, or the small? Watch and learn from more than one tried-and-true Cannabis Insider as they talk shop about the future of canna-business. You know what they say, after all—no risk, no reward.

Is Cannabis Risky Business?

The cannabis industry is evolving at lightning speed. But, amidst the flurry of movement, it’s hard to anticipate what will happen next. One of the biggest unknowns? Fair opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses.

In this episode of Cannabis Insider, legal and business experts hash out the risks and rewards of this rapidly evolving industry. Watch and listen as host Bob Hoban leads a heated round table discussion with some of the top advisors in the industry. This episode’s guests include:

    • Jay Czarkowski, Founding Partner of Canna Advisors,
    • Mark Goldfogel, CEO of IWorkForCannabis,
    • And Leslie Bocskor, Executive Chairman of Electrum Partners, LLC.

About Cannabis Insider 

Insiders know it best. If you have a cannabis business or would like to start one, this is the series for you. Cannabis Insider is hosted by Bob Hoban, a longtime cannabis expert and founder of the Hoban Law group. In each episode, Hoban tackles some of the biggest issues facing cannabis businesses today. Grab a seat at the table while he engages CEOs, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and more.

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