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5 Things Outdoor Cannabis Growers Can Do in Winter to Prepare for the Next Growing Season

Growing outdoor cannabis is one of the most fun and rewarding things that a cannabis consumer can do.

Sun-grown cannabis is not as involved as cultivating cannabis indoors and is much more inexpensive if done properly.

The winter season is upon us, but that doesn’t mean an aspiring cannabis cultivator has to sit idly by.

Being well prepared is one of the biggest ingredients for sun-grown cannabis cultivation success.

Below are 5 things that people can do while waiting for the sun-grown season to arrive.

#1) Compile cannabis seeds

Having the right cannabis genetics is vital for an outdoor cannabis garden’s success. Winter is a great time to hunt down cannabis seeds.

Consider how long the sun-grown cannabis season is in your area. If your season is short, look for seeds that flower quickly.

Also, take into consideration how much space you have to cultivate cannabis. If your garden space is not that large, compile strains that result in shorter, squattier plants.

Obviously, you want to obtain cannabis seeds that are for strains you like. But don’t let that be the only factor that determines which genetics end up in your outdoor garden.

#2) Prepare super soil

When cultivating cannabis outdoors, the soil the plants are planted in is going to play a major role in whether you have a successful crop or not.

Super soil is a great way to reduce the number of nutrients that will have to be added to a sun-grown cannabis garden’s soil later on.

When properly prepared, super soil can provide all the nutrients that a cannabis plant needs, and at a fraction of the price compared to off-the-shelf cannabis garden nutrients.

It takes a bit of time for super soil to reach its full potential after being mixed, so preparing it well ahead of time prior to the sun-grown season is a must.

#3) Clean old equipment and acquire new equipment

Sungrown cannabis gardens don’t require as much equipment as indoor cannabis gardens, but they still require a basic amount of equipment.

If you have cultivated cannabis previously with certain equipment, you will want to make sure that it’s all clean by sun-grown cannabis season, and winter is a great time to do it.

As growing season approaches, quite a bit of work will likely need to be performed, so getting the equipment cleaning out of the way will help reduce the chances of stressful situations.

You may need new equipment for your already existing garden area, or you may be starting from scratch for the first time. Either way, make sure that your equipment is completely clean.

#4) Prepare cultivation area

One of the biggest tasks that aspiring sun-grown cannabis cultivators need to complete prior to planting is preparing the cultivation area.

Some growers operate on the false assumption that cannabis ‘grows like a weed’ and so therefore all that needs to be done is planting a seed and a massive harvest will inevitably occur.

The reality is that cultivating quality cannabis is a bit more involved. Sungrown cultivation areas need to be free from debris and have a large enough area to accommodate large plants.

Aspiring cultivators need to think ahead when it comes to bracing and supporting large plants. Setting up tressels and stakes ahead of time is a great time-saver down the road.

Aspiring cultivators will need to make sure that the pH level of the soil is good, and if not, amend the soil to adjust the pH. That takes time, so start the process early.

#5) Plan ahead for any garden help

Oftentimes a sun-grown cannabis garden requires the efforts of more than one person. If you are planning a large garden area, the use of heavy machinery or other tools may be required.

Lining up help ahead of time, well before the growing season begins, is a really good idea to help ensure that there aren’t scheduling conflicts.

Planting helpers, transplanting assistants, and harvest trimmers are in huge demand during the heat of the season.

Getting people to commit to helping you ahead of time, well before the outdoor season begins, will help ensure success and that you won’t be left feeling overwhelmed!

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