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Where to Source Wholesale CBD in the United States

The wild world of CBD is evolving fast. Two years ago, legal CBD was produced in a measly three U.S. states. Now, hemp is one of the countries biggest new cash crops. But, as CBD moves from a gray area into a legal marketplace, one major challenge remains: sourcing. 

Wondering where to source wholesale CBD in the United States? Learn the ropes from Kimberly Dillon in this sneak peek from the new Green Flower CBD Certificate. Dillon is the founder of Plant & Prosper, a cannabis consulting collective that helps cannabis brands build great products. She is also the former CMO of Papa & Barkley. 

If anyone can teach you how to find the best hemp, it’s her.

Where to Source Wholesale CBD in the United States

The 2018 Farm Bill allows for the interstate trade of CBD-rich hemp. Before you start sourcing, it’s important to know where you can buy. Hemp farms are blooming across the United States. However, there are three tried-and-true states that have been the primary sources of hemp in the U.S. since the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill. As such, these states have more established programs. Here’s who has been selling hemp CBD the longest: 

    • Kentucky, 
    • Colorado. 
    • And Oregon.

Thanks to the new legislation, however, any U.S. state can now cultivate and trade hemp products. But, there’s a catch. Hemp production is only fully legal in states that have created a regulatory infrastructure that complies with the new federal standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

So, while any state can develop a licensed hemp production program, not all states are on the ball. In fact, there are two states where hemp-derived CBD remains illegal, including:

    • Nebraska,*

*The Nebraska Department of Agriculture submitted regulations for the licensing and legal production of hemp to the USDA in December of 2019. The USDA has 60 days to review the plan for approval. 

Source CBD Directly from the Farmer 

One of the best ways to source your CBD is directly from the farmer. This gives you the opportunity to check the quality of the plants and their growing conditions first hand.

Do you really want to extract sticky resin from plants grown right next to the freeway? Or, are you seeking farmers that are as passionate about sustainability as you are? 

Only a farm visit will help you know that you’ve found a good match. One last word of caution: make sure you have more than one potential supplier.

Work with a CBD Broker

Can’t visit a farm? Work with a middle-man! A CBD broker can connect you with reliable supplies of wholesale hemp and CBD. 

Brokers often have connections to many different farms and suppliers, which means that you don’t have to visit farms yourself nor manage numerous relationships in case your normal supplier comes up short. 

The only downside? You’ll still need to properly vet your broker to reduce the risk of surprises down the line. 

Work with a CBD Copacker

There’s no need to do everything yourself. If you want to develop a brand but don’t have access to farms or would like help with product development, working with a copacker is the best option. 

Copackers are like manufacturers, distributors, and product developers all rolled into one. These companies can help you build a brand out of materials and skills that they already have on-hand, eliminating the need to start everything from scratch.

The drawback here? Make sure that your copacker creates products that align with your values. Copackers give you the least control over the creation of your product. 

Wondering how to identify quality products? Learn more about CoAs, organic cultivation, and the full supply chain in the Green Flower CBD Certificate.

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